New Nissan MPV Grand Livina

By | December 25, 2007

Good news, Malaysian can now have another affordable yet attractive MPV from Nissan. The Grand Livina comes with 2 variants 1.6L with a choice of a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission while the Grand Livina 1.8 is available only with the automatic transmission.

Tagged at below RM95,000, I believe this new model with get a good response from the market. I wonder when PROTON will have their own MPV :)

My personal choice always Toyota and I am looking forward for my turbocharged Toyota Caldina :)

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104 thoughts on “New Nissan MPV Grand Livina

  1. niaizzura

    well my first choice also Caldina old folks says.. ukur baju kat badan sendiri

    well i think dapat livina (walaupun bukan caldina) pun dah ok..maybe another 10 yrs..baru dapat kot..heheheh

  2. admin Post author

    he he,talking about caldina, I got one unit :), will post the photo here soon.

  3. mazli

    apa perbezaan 1.6 dan 1.8 ? Risau gak bila speed under power…

  4. Adnan Sutina Shah Alam

    Problems dengan alarm dan central lock, sometime not function. Tidak boleh lock dengan alarm. TCM Service Glenmaries masih tak boleh solve lagi, very sad about Grand Lavina. Call 019-2555747

  5. Adnan Sutina Shah Alam

    Sound in the Dashboard bila riding on the uneven surface, after repair by TCM Service Glenmaries. The sound gone for temporary, know reoccur again. This what you pay for NISSAN Grand Lavina 1.8 when they assemble in Malaysia. Check all the complaints before you buy.

  6. Ujang

    My Nissan Grand Livina ada masalah dengan central lock. Baru tapi dah ada problem. TCM perlu  recall Grand Livina bila ada Mfg fault.

  7. admin Post author

    seems they have alarm and central lock problem…if u have your own club….get the president to meet nissan to discuss about this


    NISSAN Grand Livina is a good car. Becareful on the problems. The remote button can create electric spark as told by Tan Chong Engineers . So please pay attention here , it can cause danger if remote button create electric spark.

  9. dino

    i also facing same problem today. i baru beli grand livina pada 25/09/08..tapi hari ni dah ada masaalah dgn central lock..tak sampai pun 3 bulan…takkan nissan sama standard with proton??

  10. admin Post author

    this mechanical thingy can happen to all car not just proton, you might be unlucky one

  11. fitri

    i plan to buy nissan mpv grand livina,now i heard so many complaint from customer, mostly from ckd.pls. give suggestion to us.

  12. nanami

    i dah beli grand livina 1.8 pada 25/06/08…smpai skrg xde apa2 problem jer naik…smooth jer..

  13. mario

    Kalau nak di bandingkan livina 1.6 dgn 1.8………memanglah tiada bezanya..cuma minyak ada sikit save la utk livina 1.8…..Ada yang setuju ker?

  14. peace

    i got prob with driving, kind of shake when it starts to move esp. from 1 to 2 gear. door shut double sounded. leaking at the boot, aerokit comes off, second r.control down. Nissan pls call me at 0136306767! Anyway i still suport nissan. bit unlucky..

  15. Grand Livina Rattling Sound

    Rattling sound didalam dashboard Grand Livina kami disebabkan mounting box speed sensor sentuh dengan braket. Service Engineer TCM Shah Alam repair di bawah glovebox, passenger (Left seat). Now OK, Call me at 019-3541128 Shah Alam.

  16. upiak

    sapa boleh bagi tau kedai aksesori livina yang very choice selangor and kuala lumpur katna?

  17. ambuyat88

    saya dah pakai Grand Livina 1.8 2 tahun…tak ada prob…

  18. Rosma

    I just bought grand livina 1.6 AT. SO Sudden , the car cannot be started after stop for a while during my way back to KL FROM penang.Managed to start the engine from 6.00pm to 10PM but failed . Called TCM for help. Tow Truck brought to Nissan Services Center at Tasek Ipoh. Now it ok but the Service manager told me nothing is wrong with the system. Still Wonder Why ?

  19. zack blade

    aku dah pakai 2 tahun dah abih bayar pun, setakat sekarang ada dua problem pada G.L aku iaitu steering ada berbunyi bila coner dan bellting bunyi. semua dah di baiki oleh TCH kuching.

  20. zack QAL 9994

    Problem sikit2 tu adalah, setakat ini semua boleh selesai asalkan kita hantar service di workshop TCH jangan kedai biasa,pehak TCH akan bertanggungjawab.

  21. june

    My sis just bought livina,but got some problem,when change the gear from 1 to 2 its like shock and not smoothly change.I’m thinking why this livina was really differ from other auto car.We already check with service centre but they said that the shock was normal and same with others livina.Anyone can share about this?

  22. md am

    keta skrg nie mmg kurang kualiti, ingat keta dulu-dulu mmg kuat body. biasa le orang bisnes, kalau x rosak x laku le sparepart dia

  23. sun

    i planning to buy a budget is around 100k.
    i got 2 choice is livina 1.8 and innova 2.oE. According to the information,livina got a minor problem can be fixed easily.Did anyone experience of the problem with engine and gearbox? I own nissan sentra b14. powerful.but the engine head crack after warranty.Burn my pocket a big hole.Lack of confident at nissan.

  24. mbs117-hafizeusoff

    well…better don buy livina 1.8, got serious problem, serious. I am in the process of publishing news of the prob. Nissan just too stingy to solve the problem. Menyesal gak beli..better buy wish recond, higher quality! to nissan co. dare to fail!

  25. mbs117-hafizeusoff

    you have d 1.8 livina right? see, nissan refused to solve this problem, lets publish and campaign till they take proper action to all 1.8 livinars! 0196581668, hafiz, read my comment down there.

  26. yang

    i havent had any problem with my 1.8 grand livina until now
    so far so good?
    what is the serious problem?
    care to sum it up here?
    i am very keen to know about the problems that u mention the car have…thanks

  27. mbs117-hafizeusoff

    Got problem since 1st day, vibration, foreman knows it, nissan knows it but what did they do? Not much different from local cars! Exora dont have the shake and vibration!

  28. yang

    your so unlucky
    luckily for me, my car so far so good
    so how do you intend to settle this problem?

  29. Mike

    Mine 2yrs so far no major problems such as engine, gearbox, alarm or central locking like reported by other buyers here. Minor problems all solved by TCM near Glenmarie..then again only 1 or 2 minor problem cant even remember But for the price we pay, the GL should actually be more user friendly. Even Myvii rear boot has an insert to put your hands in to close/pull down the boot..but not the GL! We have to hold the outer part of boot and get our hands dirty! No electric/folding side mirrors! No ac vents/blower for 3rd row passengers..even the 2nd row ac vent not powerful enough! Seems like Nissan main concern was maximise profits, thats all..customers not priority.

  30. Mazlan Zainal

    Dear all,

    I like to share with you all that i had bought the New Nissan Grand Lavina in month of October 2010, I rarely use the card for the purpose as second car which only use for long distance, vocation or Balik Kampung. I have a problem with the air-cond/compressor which sudently malfunction night time on 19th Nov 2010. There is terible days due to raining and bring my whole family. I went to check on this matter next day and the mechanic found that there are leacking pipe occured that make the air-cond does not not make cooling. I am fell very dispointed and sad on this matter because this is new car and nor second hand car and also make my family terible on the day happened. The mechanic was informed me that they are try to find the part and rectify the problem and ask me to send the car could be take in whole day to replace the part.

    Question or conclusion that i can make:
    1. How come the new car can happend on such this issue? I am rarely use the car and the milage is about 2,000 km.
    2. There are not much different with Malaysia car and event worst.
    3. Who want to pay for the psicology impact during my terible time driving in raining and hot time that make my child screem and unconvinience.
    4. My plan was postponed due to this occurence.


    If your GL windscreen (WS) pecah, how much your insurance cover. Remenber during purchased new GL your agent only propose to cover RM150 for RM1000. Panel insurance boleh repair within RM1000 dgn WS local MSG. But if you contact Tan Chong they said the original WS price estimate is RM1320, some say original NISSAN is RM1600 for 2-layer.
    Tan Chong Motor must list down the WS price for all GL end customer so that customer can plan his future insurance.
    Second ques. Is local MSG- windscreen same quality with NISSAN, pls share your experience. Happy New Year 2011

  32. Haiya.....

    My Grand Livina also got the same problem. Recently i traveled to Kl. Then on the way back from KL my car air condition was no longer cold. It was then confirmed that there was a leaking at “koil” part. Is cost me around RM1400 to fix it. Sebab nak kena bukak desk board untuk keluarkan peralatan dalam koil tu….Fuuh….. Geleng kepala ma….. Saya check dengan panel Nissan Care….. my car dah tak layak untuk dapat warranty sebab dah lebih 100000 km… actually baru 104000 km……


    Dear owner of Nissan, G/Lavina. I heard a complaint, that third row floor met feel hot after 3 hours jouney. After searching they discovered that Nissan Manufacture did not installed the heat protection at the joint of exhaust pipe and silencer near the rear axle.
    Nissan n Tan Chong must improve this design immediately and all owner of Grand Livina

  34. mama rina

    alamak… i memang excited nak beli livina…! takut la pulak mcm2 complain i baca…huhuhu..!!

  35. Mike

    Well, like my previous post here..coming to3 years mow n so far no major problems..n no more minor problems as well. I really believe in luck.. My previous Wira lasted me 6 years until I decided to trade in for a Myvi. In that 6 years not even 1 Myvi for 3 years also no problem..n then I tade in for the GL. Nissan just has to justify the price tag..compared to other makes in its is very low no auto fold side mirrors, no ‘grip’ compartment/strap to close n pull rear boot down, lousy 2nd n 3rd row a/c- no separate blower, 3rd row seat should be a bi-fold..looking at d market now..even Myvi n Alza has free Gps..DVD entertainment system! Honestly, I like d space n power of my 1.8GL..even if it’s auto..I would prefer manual. But I would like to buy the Exora Hybrid when it’s out!

  36. Serina You,

    I heard NISSAN vice president came to Tan Chong last month to develop our local domestic to produce GL part, Who have their contcat. I need to complaint kau..kau.. oo to him about GL.

  37. cronik

    wow…such lots of comment…paid a booking for LIVINA…now goyang dee to buy the car…hmmm…either lose my money by cancel deal or take it and bet on LUCK…?

  38. Mazlan Zainal

    Hi, actually Grand Lavina is a good, comfortable and smooth running engine , from my experience there no major problem so far, the aircon problem recently is due no cooling coil. Reported to the respective dealer and they performed rectification immediately(still under warranty). Regards

  39. Mazlan Zainal

    Hi, is there any club for Grand Lavina owner at Bukit Jalil or Lembah Klang?

  40. mohd

    Masallah pada kereta saya (Grand lavina ) ni…dari mula belk lagi…
    1. Nak masuk Gear reverse susah….,terpaksa tarik kuat sikit… kadang kadang rasa takut patah gear… Hantar service… jawapannya kena parking tempat yang rata !!!…
    2. Steering pula agak liar.. tak boleh nak releks masa memandu… menyebabkan budak budak selalu pening……jawapannya cuba pergi buat alinement.. tak jadi juga………. sekarang ini kadang kadang rasa frust gok..Macamana ya… nak buat.

  41. choon

    i brought my GL1.8 aready from first day until 8 month got aready few problem…
    1.vibration = cannot be solve
    2.sterling loose = tc fix aready after 2 month loose again
    3.suspension = sometime very hard until like absorber not working front and rear…
    So dissapointed

  42. az

    sy dah pakai grand livina ni dekat setahun lebih, ada sikit masalah bila on aircond, ada bunyi cheeeet, bila kipas aircond berpusing, risau la apa masalahnya tu, sape2 tlg explain skit mcm mana nk buat….

  43. Danny

    Wow , All this Problem listed is very worrying… Me Considering to Buy Grand Livina, So was looking through the Internet for Information… Then came upon this Website….
    Now i really have to Consider Trice to buy this car …
    Thank you so much Guys.. & really Hope that the TAN CHONG Boss is Reading all This… Nissan Should do Better…..

  44. Mazlan Zainal

    Is still under warranty must inform the respective dealer in immediately.
    Who can share with us for problem that usual facing after warranty period end.


  45. mohd

    Cerita hari ini…

    Saya ke pusat servis Grand livina… cerita masallah GL yang saya dah pakai hampir 5 bulan….

    Masallah 1:- kalau parking ditempat yang tak sama rata… nak masuk gear reverse cukup seksa….bunyi macam nak patah gear……

    Jawapannya: Itu tak boleh nak buat apa apa dah … mungkin design bagitu kot?

    Masallah 2:- Power steering pada saya agak liar sikit….

    Jawapannya:- Gl tak pakai hidrolik (Minyak)…. dia pakai motor ..jadi tak ada clearance ….kalau you pusing sikit terus tayar pusing… tak boleh nak edjust.

    Jawpan saya Ok lah ….saya balik dulu..Tq.

  46. Md Sha'Rizan

    Salam… sy baru lg pakai GL 1.8… buat masa nie tak ader masalah yg ketara sangat… tapi melihat pada komen2 yg ader… ianya agak merisaukan… utk ubahsuai mungkin tidak begitu sesuai utk GL nie… cth; tukar rim, dvd…

  47. johari

    G.L steering liar buat alement dh ok ..selepas 1st servis aku dh sesah ..bunyi ala2 vtec kecik rpm 5-6… pasni aku nk tgk top speed 1.6 ni… kalau bukit mmg lem sikit…mcm bro muhd cakap tu mmg betul…mcm hampeh bila park tempat x rata susah,,,… tengah ada waranty ni sesah le dulu…

  48. ak

    I guna grand livina st-l 09,i beli secondhand,siap ngan semua kit,untung,tapi bila i tengok semua problem kat atas nie takdela i kene problem ni,memang dah hantam livina tu,cuma left door vibrate sikit tuje,minyak safe,aircond memang sejuk,tanya kat owner dulu dia pun cakap takde problem ni semua,…………….i puas hati pakai livina,walaupun enjin 1.6 tapi responsive……..3 x ganda lagi baik dari vios……..

  49. Man4112

    Salam semua….
    Saya pemilik GL 1.6 Manual…nak tanya pada semua pemilik GL manual… my problem adalah :-
    1. Bunyi tak sedap didengar pada gearbox atau classplate masa kelajuan yang rendah dibawah 40km/j…ada bunyi bising skit…macam keter buruk je….
    2. Central Lock problem….

    Ada yang mengalami masalah yang sama ke? bagaimana untuk menyelesaikannye? boleh settle ke kerosakan ni???


  50. Man4112

    Sorry…clutch plate hehe bukan classplate hehehe

  51. mohd hairul

    Saya rase takut pulak bila dengar banyak comment..sebab saya tengah tunggu GL ni..dah booking.mungkin yang 1.8 banyak problemm.tapi 1.6 auto macam mane?

  52. Ray

    Saya baru saje beli GL 1.8. Dah after 1st service. Semua nya nampak ok, acceleration ia memuaskan (lebih baik drpd avanza dan exora. Competitive dgn wish 1.8) handling dan fuel efficientcy ia memuaskan. Tapi dekat ceiling interiror ada bunyi walaupun bukan teruk sangat.

  53. azha

    antara manual dgn auto mana lg baik ek?cadang nk amik 1.6 je..korang yg ada pengalaman bawak nissan ni, mana lg ok antara GL dgn sentra?tlg bantu mslh sy ni..

  54. Bob Rooney

    so far so good..puas ati sgt beli livina..stakat ni da 4x travel to kl..xde any prob..dok bantai kat highway smp 180kmj..still smooth ride,totally perfect for me..mybe yg complaint ni unlucky..

  55. mazlanz


    So far so good for my Grand Lavina 1.8, I had been 3 times travelled from kl to Manchang, kelantan and frequently from KL to Teluk Intan, pErak and there is no single problem so far. It very convinience, smooth engine, and easy handling in the h/way and cornerring too. At this moment, this is a good car.


  56. man

    saya pakai gl 1.8 problem kat hway baru 140 kete rasa goyang dan melantun, aligment dah 5 kali buat tapi tak ok, rim pakai sentra, tayar 190-65-15 conti cc5,

  57. jkw

    hai…setakat 2 1/2 thn pakai gl 1.8 ni ada 1 masalah yg berulang yg kena pada saya…bendanya mcm grandshaf tak lupa apa nama dia…setakat hari ni dah 3 kali…1st & 2nd time dia servise je…3rd baru tukar tapi dah pakai 4-5 bulan jadi balik…warranty dah nak habis plakk tu…agaknya nak kena komen gile2 kat kl kot…

  58. Pegohman

    Rasa nak beli 1.6M, tp nampak macam ada problem la kan?

    bg sapa2 yg tidak merasakan patut prob u berulang, sila pergi ke Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna.

  59. faiz

    Saya pemilik GL 1.6 Manual, baru2 ni saya kena dekat RM2000 masalah pada pum klas, berlaku masa di hgway pulak tu meyampah betullah. Bila taya pada nissan diaorang kata ada jugak sebelum ni terjadi pada kerata nissan 1.6 manual mungkin nasib kot .
    apa2 pun selepas berlaku saya jual terus kereta tersebut puas hati.

  60. Ann

    i own GL 1.8cvtc 08, so far the perfomance is just good. much better than exora and avanza, the suspension is also smooth and handling so good. untill now the engine is so quite, not much problem at all. but, lately the aircond not so cool, the blower become slow and the temp not so kicking. any advise?…the car still under warranty and i think service centre can change new cooling coil for me rite?..what do u think?…

  61. nana

    saya dalm proses menanti kereta 1.8 gl,dari semua segi saya boleh terima, tapi kalau bab audio system memang tak best terlalu basic tiada mp3 ke bluetooth ke, tidak mengikuti perkembangan semasa.

  62. shah

    ermmm byknya masalah harap2 xde masalah lah kt keta sy 2hb keta kuar mungkin masalah berlaku disebabkan cara pemanduan kot bwk 120 dah cukup nak buat ape laju2 bahaya nikan kereta family dari segi pilih minyak pun jgn pikir jimat sahaja

  63. fadzil

    steering ada berbunyi bila coner dan berbunyi kuat pada bahagian absorber depan bila jalan berlopak dan jalan ada ‘bumper’

  64. Eone,,,

    hai,, saya adalah pemilik GL 1.6 auto impul,, masuk bulan ni dah 3 bulan saya pakai kete ni,, pendekkan cite ,, so far so good ar,, dari segi enjin, boleh speed sampai 190,kmsj, nak jadikan cite,, bru2 ni saya ade kes di KL,, saya kena drive dari kuantan to KL,, saya tahu yg ia mengambil mase 2-3 jam la tuk sampai gombak,,mase tu waktu malam,, tp saya tekad kan hati untuk speed kete ni,, non stop,, 180, kmsj dari tol gambang finish dekat tol karak,, saya mengambil mase, selama hampir 1jam,di tol karak,45 minit di tol gombak.. dan sampai di cheras dalam mase ni yg di tetapkan,, mmg memberansangkan kete ni pada saya,, selesa, tak sakit badan,, cukup puas hati,,cuma dari segi penggunaan minyak, mmg terasa skit ar kuat penggunaan dia. enjin dia senyap, dan top speed yg boleh di banggakan,, connering takde maselah,tp tak boleh coner mengejut, bahagian belakang terasa ia membuang skit,, overall,cukup puas hati,, cuma takut skit drive waktu hujan lebat,, licin ma bahaya,,, waktu biasa saya belasah je,,jgn nak manja sangat kete, nti macam2 rosak dia,, minyak hitam kena jaga, klu boleh 3 bln dah tukar yg baru,, pakai castrol magnetic, macam yg saya pakai skrg ni,, fuhhh mmg lancar,, ok lah itu saja yg saya nak komen ,, mate pun dah ngantuk, so nak tidoq dulu,, ade ape2 perkembangan terbaru just info,.. nissan, ur the best,,,,,

  65. Eone,,,

    salam, semua,, ni lagi satu nak bg tahu,, kite beli kete ni ibarat tunjuk nasib tau,, sebabnya,, dalam 10 biji kete berbaris sama warna sama jenis,, mesti ade satu atau dua yg tak berapa elok,, faktor nya dari kite jugak,, yg membuat kereta ni manusia kan,, so,, bende ni smua datang dari kilang,, mungkin meterial dia atau bahan2 yg tak beapa elok,, emmm saya tak nak lah nak buat andaian sendiri,, tp bila difikirkan balik ade betulnya,, dulu mase zaman muda remaja saya ade gak keje kat kilang wat kereta,, honda di melaka,,so sedikit sebanyak tu tahula,,bab2 kete ni,,

  66. ad

    dah setahun kawe pakai 1.6 GL auto…abg ipar kawe pun dah setahun pakai 1.8 GL auto…xda masalah…mmg best..puas hati…cara pemanduan sgt penting… xkira la naik bukit ke…turun bkt ke…parking rata ke…xrata ke….memotong ke….ingat la pesan kawe…gaya pemanduan sgt2 penting…kene byk belajar tu….kena tambahkan ilmu memandu…kalu main hentam jer…apa jenis kenderaan pun tak guna….lg satu guna minyak/spare part yg asli/terbaik…. tapi ada org dengki kat GL kawe..jd body GL kawe la yg jd mangsa…sapa2 yg nak beli…beli la..berbaloi dgn nilai belian….

  67. ad

    kawe setuju dgn pandangan faktor nasib bila beli apa jenis kenderaan pun….kawe pernah terbaca kat akhbar kalau x silap nisbah masalah kenderaan baru kat M’sia ialah 7:3. Maknanya setiap 10 biji yg baru…terdpt 3 yg bernasib malang dan 7 yg tiptop condition. Kalau di Eropah nisbahnya ialah 9:1. Bab audio sistem GL…hehe…no komen…ikut selera masing2.. jd yg ada masalah kat GL tu…kawe pun no komen…kira faktor nasib mcm kawe ckp kat atas tadi…kalu nak banding MPV lain mcm exora, alza, avanza, innova, cherry atau yg sikit lebih kurang harga…kawe tetap rekomen GL

  68. zaha

    saya beli grandlivina baru je 4 bulan, masalah nya kompresor aircond berbunyi kuat bila on je suis, dah pergi ke TCM KT tapi sama je berlaku,…pahtu dashboard gelupas.. tak cantik, macam takdok kualiti je…

  69. wan

    Saya sarankan kepada sapa-sapa yang nak beli Grand Livina, berfikirlah 10 kali. Banyak problem, tak ada bezanya nya dengan kereta buatan Malaysia.

    1. Air cond tersumbat, tiada filter
    2. Valve bunyi kuat ketika enjin sejuk.
    3. Air radiator bocor (Gasket)

  70. ad

    saya cadangkan sapa2 xda duit fikir2 la nak beli ape keta pun….lebih malang duit ciput selera tinggi… keta apa pun..kalu bernasib malang…mmg hangin satu badan…member baru beli BMW baru…bukan recond…pun mengeluh ada problem…

  71. zul

    saya sdg tggu 1.8 auto…. lebih kurang komen cerita pasal pemanduan. mcmana cara drive… kalau pagi2 start terus jln x tggu enjin panas dulu… pakai BMW pun jahanam…. mintak2 stock aku punya yg tiptop lah…

  72. Mohd Najib Bodiman

    Sharing new problem of G/Livina. Alarm suddenly tak bunyi when you press the remote button. Next morning hantar TCM Service. Again TCM local vendor replace new remote cover due to design faulty. TCM ganti new alarm siren. Your G/L still under warranty Sir. kata-kata manis TCM but you need to pay for the alarm. Bro, be ready now to change your alarm when the mileage reach 80,000km . Alarm Proton pun tahan sampai habis hayat, jadi kita minta Dato Ang dan NISSAN international bagi jaminan 250,000km for local development parts.

  73. zul

    since bro najib dah cerita pasal proton nih, aku pun nak cerita pengalaman sikit…. aku booking livina ni atas sbb rasa kecewanya aku dgn malaysia automotive industry. sblm ni aku pakai proton (new car) yg digelar “proton persona elegance” setelah genap 1 tahun umurnya pada hari raya puasa yg lepas maka kreta ini telah menunjukkan masalah kepada tuannya yg sgt menjaga minumnya seharian & menjaga agar kelihatan bersih sentiasa. kisahnya bila aku nak balik rumah mertua pada petang raya time tulah dia x mau hidup…. puas ikhtiar tukar battery & sbgnya…. aku pun call proton hotline stlh dia suruh aku on/off kunci & sedikit arahan dia suruh aku buat itu & ini tp masuh x hidup, aku tanya mcmana skrg ni? … jwpnnya adalah encik kena hantar ke SC yg terdekat iaitu kt mutiara damansara… tpikir gak, aku kt tg malim…. towing mcmana ? jwpnnya, encik kena pikir2 la nak towing mcmana… kalau encik ada insurance towing call lah insurance company yg encik pakai? aku tya blk, habis towing kos mcmana? jwpnya encik kena tanggung sndirilah…. aku dah mula hilang keyakinan dgn kereta kebanggaan malaysia ni…. sudahnya aku balik rumah mertua dgn kreta myvi bini aku, proton persona tinggallah kt kmpung. stlh sminngu raya aku nak setelkan balik persona yg x idup tuh… & aku bwk kawan mekanik dr proton, dia cek presure angin kurang maknanya ada problem pd valve…. disbbkan kecewa yg amat sgt aku pun mintak kawan ni bukak…aku dah x hirau pasal G/L…. bila bukak tu dia…. 15 dr 16 shim tappet melekat… patutlah xde presure, maknanya proton hanya mengeluarkan kreta & bukan buat kereta, bila kawan mekanik nih refer kt proton… mengikut mekanik nih head ada problem & kt galerry head mcm x brapa elok & aku tgk sndiri keadaan shim tappet yg melekat tuh… pada aku this is major problem not minor…. akhirnya aku buat keputusan repair je setakat elok & agak boleh tahan & trade in kt nissan.

    sbb utama aku trade in… 1. kreta kebanggaan ni ada problem, 2. kalau dibuatnya breakdown tgh jln & malam2 buta dgn family… sapa nak tolong, 3. aku x sanggup nak ambik risiko smpai next raya to face this kind of problem 4. aku beli baru bukan 2nd hand car. 5. kecewa dgn proton & proton staff.

    pada pandangan peribadi aku proton dah buat kereta & enjin yg baik “TAPI” yg jadi masalah adalah kualitinya. semua org niaga nak untung tp jgnlah smpai terlalu menjejaskan kualiti.

  74. azra

    hmmm…sy plan nak beli GL1.6 impul…minat giler ngan design dia…tp ada mmber rekomen GL 1.8auto..hrga lbh murah dr impul…aksesori je yg beza…aksesori lak bole beli pastu make-up la 1.8 tu smpai jd mcm impul…dia kata lg, GL 1.6 impul ada problem…goyang n sbagainya…mcm yg dinyatakan di atas…tp 1.8 lbh mantap…hurmmm…conpius gak nih ;(

    kalu betulla 1.6 impul byk problem compare ngan 1.8 auto, baik amik 1.8 je ek? aksesori leh ditambah…tp cc x leh tambah lg…betul ke kputusan yg sy nak buat ni…member2 yg ada pngalaman ngan GL ni…plzzz comment…

  75. rexton

    i’m still thinking to buy g/livina 1.6 or g/livina 1.8…
    budjet is my constraint…

    g/livina 1.6 byk problem ke?

    any comments???

  76. zul

    suggest GL 1.8…. accssory boleh tambah sndiri… different full spec impul +- 10k, interior GL 1.8 dgn full spec impul sama je…. extrior je yg beza sikit…. sportrim, full circuit, & adjustable…..
    my GL 1.8 add complete side circuit rm1400 & rm2700 for original impul sport rim (after market halfcut mari) + tyre… all cost abt rm4,100.
    yg penting car performance….

  77. zai

    salam…..saya bakal memiliki GL….nak komen ckit jer
    kalau nak dibandingkan masalah antara alza dan exora yg didebatkan dlm blog…, blog ni yg paling sedikit pengguna GL komen ttg kete GL mereka…so harap2 pengguna yg ada maslah kongsilah crita spy Nissan tahu dan blh amb tindakan….

  78. zul

    salam zai…..
    cuba google kt situ livinian berforum & beraktiviti…. so boleh tgk pendapat & cadangan pemilik livina. kt situ boleh jd ahli & bertukar2 pendapat….. so far i join club tu ok walaupun i x berapa aktif sangat….. diaorg helpful


    Semua kereta ada problem. Yang penting dapatkan no contact warranty claim. Bila ada major calim you need solution by  contact ing Tan Chong Motor because of manufacturing defect. The best keep in your car and wallet. Very soon you will need it.
    Hope not to C U di  "bengkel" Bro.

  80. Marzuki

    Saya pakai livina 1.8 lebih kurang 2.5 tahun. problem skang aircond blower slow. tapi masih sejuk.. ada sapa2 penah ada problem mcm nie tak… boleh share dgn saya..

  81. zul

    assalam bro marzuki…
    Livina didatangkan oleh pengeluar tanpa aircond filter… so habuk debu bagai akan terus melekat pada cooling coil….. suggest pegi kedai aircond service je cooling coil & extra pasang aircond filter….. kalau tuan nak lihat forum berkenaan grand livina anda sila lawati disitu tempat GL berforum….. sekiranya nak beramah mesra dgn pemilik GL masuk kelab….. itu adalah cadangan. saya baru pakai GL dlm 3 bln & kelmarin saya pasang aircond filter.

  82. livina 1.8 2011

    I've bought new GL1.8 last year.. odo just hit 20km feel very disipointed to the TC SC. problem with the ac belting noisy sound but SC dosen't do anything to my complain, till now presist.
    2.very strong wind sound coming from front driver mirorr when driving at 160km/h.
    3.sound tik..tik..tik.. from the door trim.
    4.leather seat was actually lather patch only the whole cover is plastic seriously upset to put RM2k for that lousy seat.
     overall is not worth for our money with price tagged.. as we got such a low quality of material and service..(feel like driving old car with thousand wired sound)

  83. zul

    Mi…. saya pasang a/c filter dgn budak kelab livina…. kena buat sikit modofikasi sbb pada kotak salur angin ke cooling tiada ruang….so kena buat ruang utk filter tersebut. saya buat hari tu rm50 shj…. cuba tuan add admin livina di facebook… "syamsuddin mustapha" tuan admin ni yg pasangkan filter saya…

  84. saidie

    betul ke g/l x ada air filter..tolong jelaskan pada saya knapa..kpd yg lama dah pakai tu..

  85. zul

    mana satu? air filter atau aircond filter? kalau air filter semua kereta ada…. kalau aircond filter kancil pun xde….. kalau nak tau lebih lanjut hubungi tan chong…..

  86. Mohd Najib Bodiman

    Bro Saidie, you kena ambil test JPJ semula. Tapi lawak Zul pun Ok buat kami enjoy la Bro. Lest me share something. My G/L dah nak masuk 4 tahun dan milage around 90,000km. I have replaced the GEARBOX MOUNTING BUSH. Getah dia pecaht. This car drive only to school everyday 10Km. So our pocket koyak lagi Bro. According to Tan Chong Service, Nissan Slphy lagi cepat tukar gearbox mounting. Dato Dr. Ang (Edaran Tan Chong Motor) and NISSAN Southeast Asian Region must absorb the cost if < 5 years or 100,000 Km.

  87. wan zakaria

    Saya pakai livina 1.8, dibeli pada Jan 2010. Satu tahun pakai, ped brek hadapan sebelah kanan bunyi geseran yang cukup kuat. Saya telah hantar kat pomen Nissan Servis Center. 3 hari saya tinggalkan kereta kat Pusat servis tersebut, pomen kata dia doh servis brek dan lane semula disk brek. Malangnya, tak sampai pun satu hari, masalah tersebut berulang semula. Saya tak puas hati lalu saya pergi kat pomen luar, tukar pad brek. Masalah sama jugak….. Saya pergi kat pomen lain pulak, katanya masalah bearing, saya pun suruh tukar, habis RM550. Masalah tak jugak selesai. Kereta ni dah masuk 2 tahun lebih, saya doh malas doh nak repair….
    p/s: Siapa boleh kongsi masalah ni, harap maklum pada ruangan ini

  88. BIJAN

    Bro, please check your warranty dan guarantee date semasa you purchase. Jika masih < 3 years and your service maintain at Tan Chong maka Wan boleh hubungi terus Mr. Lau 016-2793918 or Chin 03-7953558 or Wee 03-55693790 TCM -Glenmarie. Write your complaint to Tan Chong Motor

  89. gagak itam besi

    sy br guna GL 6/7/ nk taye cikit,button central lock n stop power window dekat pintu driver memang xmenyala lampu ke bile on lampu belah malam?…harap ada yg boleh jawab..


    Bro, Mat Black ke..Okla . Tahniah beli GL. Your pocket kena penuh Bro. The maintenance of GL, mahal banyak benda kena tukar bila nak reach 100,000 km. Jadi tahniah dah kena problem. Call sahaja Mr- Lau 016 2793918, di akan bantu anda.

    Shah Alam Bro.

  91. tak best

    nissan GL 1.8 banyak masalah walaupun beli baru..
    harga mahal tapi kualiti mcm local car saja..

    GL ne yg best dia cuma engine saja had lain boleh buat sakit kepala. seb baik aku memang focus keta yg engine okey..”takut isteri bawak breakdown tgh jln..” had lelain tu aku buat2 tak tau saja
    “kalau tak tahan dgn mcm2 bunyi jgn amik ini mpv.”

    pandai2 lah gangs pilih keta..dulu pakai perodua okey jer..cuma size engine kecik nk tekan paddle minyak kesian kat engine(tapi belasah 150km/j dr jb to p.pinang okey jer..smpai skarang superb.)

  92. abg khan

    GL sememangnya yang terbaik dr kalangan mpv. pemanduannya yg lancar & bertenaga.

  93. hamzah

    kawan-kawan nk tanya.automatin door lock livina ni.bila jalan memang 3 pintu je ke yg lock kecuali pintu driver

  94. lie

    sy beli 1.6 manual 2008 first generation
    1 . steering carpling
    2. bergoyang
    3. ada bunyi gook2 bawah body bila corner
    4. minyak save
    sy tukar beli auto 1.6 2014
    1. bush tyre cepat rosak.beli jan 2014, jan 2015 dah bunyi
    2. bergoyang
    3. minyak makan kuat sikit..nasib harga minyak dh turun
    3. masih ada bunyi gook2 sekali sekala bwh body
    ….. think twice or more …

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