New Proton Saga BLM

By | December 29, 2007

This is hot. The most awaited Brand New Proton BLM real photo unveiled. This photo is calssified as spyshot, the man who took this photo really brave enough. The new proton is believed to have 1.3 campro engine with a price less than Rm35,000.

With a nice shape and of course brand new design, I think this model will get a good sales here in Malaysia and will give competitor model such as viva, sutera or even myvi a tough challenge.

What do you think ?



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160 thoughts on “New Proton Saga BLM

  1. Indera Putera

    With the price offer, i can say “Well done Proton!!”

  2. admin Post author

    this is another killer product from proton under the new management…bravo

  3. Kancil 850cc

    Dont know this new proton car engine can “tahan lama” or not…
    why sell cheap price sure got “problem” ?
    any comment to me?

  4. admin Post author

    the engine still use the same engine use in neo, gen 2 1.3 :)
    selling cheap not necessary got problem. They manage to sell cheap may be because of reduction cost effort… etc.

  5. mad

    To me the price is reasonable due to its design and features. That is nothing wrong with the price for this kind of specs. The right price for the right car. It is not cheap..just nice. But.. when it is compared to perodua price i.e viva and myV…the new saga is much cheaper. proton enjoy less price because it no need to pay royalty to anybody. Where as viva, myV and the rest are more expensive because they have to pay royalty to the daihatsu/toyota since they are using their engine and design. That is the main reason why the cars of perodua is more expensive. So the moral of the story, be strong and independent, dont rely on others all the time.

  6. Proton SUx

    i think that was ..
    copy from Mercs Kompressor.
    how much is it??
    everything also copy from others..
    Waja copy Evo7
    Wira copy Evo3
    Gen 2 copy from Kia(not remember which type already)
    Perdana copy Galant
    Persona = Savy + Gen2

  7. admin Post author

    proton  sux, seems u have prob with proton car before

  8. honda

    proton ok wat.!!…u dont like nvm la……u even cant afford 1 proton then y u comment…..

  9. marses

    Proton Sux seems to be like some typical malaysian whom dont wanna put effort to improve but only knows complaining. hahaha…On the other hand..i think its a good effort, despite its cut an paste…how do you guys think Japanese did their cars last time?They reverse engineered other cars or we call it here, cut n paste car…and improve from there…i see proton will be big in the future..(that is offcoz with the right political and management team involves). Good job proton….

  10. man

    I dont think the car price is cheap. If compare 1st version of SAGA, quality has been downgraded. Check thro’ the quality of external & internal furnishing, very much difference. I would say ok-lah. Malaysian expectation always low and easy to compromise. I think the car is quite suitable for low salaried group people.

  11. zaki

    The looks are not attractive, but it is a good try… hopefully it will be a good reliable car

  12. fb

    hey,wat malysian r u ?1st,low price not mean low quality k,c honda jazz just 30,ooorm in japan,the new brand 1,but u all bought it like "pisang goreng"…mitsubishi?got engine prob also la…shame2 la u all,malaysian,but not made in malaysia brand..please not condemn sana cni if u dont hv rm30 la proton just little bit,.c korean,japanese,bcoz they support their brand,they got their name..if dont wan support,dont condemn k..

  13. admin Post author

    hope proton will succeed :) and continues give employment to more than 100,000 in malaysia

  14. nietaputri

    Really,very nice n quit simle.I like it.Congrate’ 2 all new idea……

  15. rizalz

    TAHNIAH Proton!!! walaupun x sehebat keta import tp tetap berjaya menambat hati rakyat Malayia…. aku dh tgk n dh cb keadaan keta nih, xbyk perubahan tp lebih memuaskanlah…terasa cm naik keta import lak heee :) keadaan luaran simple n mengujakan. dalaman pula memikat mata memandang. sesuai untuk keluarga yg sederhana n simple… semoga proton akan dapat bersaing semula dgn jenama2 yg len..

    beli la brg buatan Malaysia!!!

  16. faiezasham

    proud to the malaysain product…yeah….keep on touch babeh..haha

  17. Male672

    I inspected the car at roadshow location & my honest opinion – the car is considered value for money (for a RM31K to RM39K $$tag). Bigger than Viva / Myvi at reasonable price. Honestly, I agreed that it looks a bit like previous model Vios. Consideration – will there be any 1.5/1.6 version 80kw – 107HP??

  18. orang gila

    very nice wat!why say saga like shit???no money buy BMW,buy saga lah!very cheap

  19. PiliH KasiH

    Proton Shit!!!!!!! Bodohlah orang2 yg mempertahankan JEnama Nasional NI!! Yg memporbodohkan RAKYAT SENDIRI!!!! SEDARLAH SEMUA!!!

  20. PiliH KasiH

    My fellow Malaysians, do you know that PROTON Selling  their cars to NEGARA LUAR lebih murah daripada NEGARA SENDIRI!!! ImPIAN(waja) , Jumbuck (arena) semuanya adalah "Extra more", "High Quality" and "cheaper" compare to the cars they tried to sell inside Malaysia which is "NO EXTRA" and "LOW QUALITY" dan mahal bagi menampung KERETA  PROTON YG DIJUAL DI NEGARA LAIN!!!!

  21. admin Post author

    pilih kasih,whatever it is..thats still our car and not many country in the world built car and malaysia is one of those 11 country and malaysia is the only muslim country…

    In fact with new management, we can see lots of improvement. The only things is malaysian perception on proton car, sometimes they dont even have proton car but love to talk bulshit about proton.

  22. Chee Yong

    More Malaysians should buy Malaysian built products because it generates income for our people. Proton cars are affordable but still have alot of areas to improve in terms of quality and technology. Malaysia has come a long way to create a heavy industry base. No one should blame the dedicated engineers who created these cars but the blame should be put on the corrupt management. For Proton to proceed further, we need to join the ranks of the best, selling cars in Malaysia won’t be enough, the real scene is the world market.

  23. belacan

    This Blm is nice but the interior is quite simple an for sure cheap price cause cheap interior. Plus the engine is only produce in 1.3 series n high capacity needed for big car like blm. For sure high fuel consumption needed for small capacity engine like BLM and big body… Jsut like the limited saga produced few years back. Cheap product likely to be high risk for the users.. I m suggesting to proton to do upgrading for Blm especially produce option in engine series.. Why dont 1.5 and 1.3, more options for customers.. Full spec interior> The price will increase for sure but about 2 to 3 thousands increase is ok.. Good option thou

  24. Ipoh_Guy

    Unbelievably high fuel consumption!
    25cent/km on town roads;
    20cents/km on highway
    What’s wrong with the car?

  25. ccy

    how about this new proton saga? anyone can give some comment related this new proton saga….

  26. admin Post author

    if you read in many forums, the problem like power window no more a nightmare, but some minor problem still there, but not that critical….

  27. bpj

    my wife booked this blm end of january. But still waiting to get it. According to my friend, the fuel consumption is low

  28. Imam Hadhari

    yes bpj, proton has told to me that the fuel consumption is low.we can save 10cent for each 1 kilometer..i have booked dis car since january and will get it next week..(4 month la)…

  29. Imam Hadhari

    admin, hv u already bought dis car?

  30. Richard

    What a bad experience!
    My daughter Cynthia has passed her driving test and got a "P" driving licence. She has graduated from secondary school and in a college now. She has requested for a car so that she can drive from Cheras to Sunway instead of giving us troble to fetch her to-and-fro everyday. We have read article about new Proton Saga, with so many good comments, we decided to book a new car for her, worth about RM40,000.
    After a few months waiting, the salesman finally told us that the car has arrived. I paid the balance of the down payment, and the car was hand over to me on 30th May 2008 (Friday) afternoon 3:00pm at EON office, Taman Mutiara, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. My dauther, Cynthia with excitement, pick up the car with his brother, Eric at 6:00pm after schooling. Driving from the EON office to about 1KM, the car brokedown. I called the salesman Kenny, and he seem like it is none of his business, I have to call the Sahabat EON myself.
    Handing over A PROBLEM NEW CAR TO CUSTOMER IS NOT HIS BUSINESS????????? Where is consumers rights?
    He finally call his friend, a foreman from EON Chan Sow Lin to make a repair. But the car breakdown again and unable to restart a second time when reaching home. The foreman from local service centre at Bandar Damai Perdana was unable to fix the problem either.
    What a nightmare!!!!!! New car with QC PASS tags!
    The car was towed to the EON workshop this morning. Hoping that this time, they can hand over the car with error free!!
    Say "No" to Proton for the rest of my life after this incident!!!!!!!


    Got my BLM…no problem so far….really stabil at 145 kmh…..gone 397km and the lampu minyak menyala but still have abaout 10 liter in tank…..sadly no abs…only airbag…too bad….sales person called me 4 day in a row asking if the car is ok…..good after sales service.
    But with all that spec for a below 40k car…..still considered cheap…..if compared to perodua.

  32. fendy

    also got my blm…..dah drive for about 7000km…so far so good….selesa jugak la….worth for ur money….good job bro(proton)

  33. BalanBalan

    got my blm,but i saw karat at the driveshaft

  34. Quentin Howell

    Just got my car for a week now. Manual. Great suspensions, engine feels very rough but nice to drive.
    However, consumption is bad, 11.8 km per litre or RM 0.22 per km, and that is hardly getting the revs over 2000. Perhaps the engine is still tight and the revs are high.
    Anyone have any idea and how to reduce the consuption? My 8 YO proton iswara auto has better millage

  35. danial

    should i go for viva of new saga??
    because viva is from a real metarial and new saga is like from the trash can that recycle stuff?

  36. admin Post author

    danial : if fuel consumption is your concern, go for viva, but if u wanna space and cheap stuff go for saga

  37. jenn

    can anybody with experience on BLM auto, let me know the fuel consumption for 1 km is how much?

  38. danial

    i will be getting new saga..since i was forced choice at all..
    they always aim me that viva is small,small,small,small…here goes my fuel money…fly fly~~ (student)

  39. ccyap Kajang

    Quentin Howell, my 10 yrs Iswara Manual get12km/L or 22sen. New Saga about like this, so it is pretty poor mileage.  I know how to effectively reduce fuel consumption for Iswara, i have the idea.  I m thinking about buying Saga, I may have to think twice + twice.

  40. anai2

    saiz tayar tak kena dgn bentuk keseluruhan kereta macam kartun sikit…

  41. Atan

    I bought Saga BLM manual T.with full spec. Iam quite suprise with the FC. Before the 1st. 1000km service I just got 270 km before the fuel indicator start to glow. I taught there must be something wrong with the car, but after my first service I managed to get around 300 km. for full tank before the fuel start to glow. Siapa kata Proton Saga BLM jimat minyak. Kena tipu.

  42. budak baik

    aku nak tau kos penggunaan minyak utk kereta bLM ni coz aku akan pakainya x lama lagi..utk 1km berapa RM?

  43. herr ruder reindart

    I  had bought new saga for my parent…that car ok laaaaa..not to bad and effordable price..

  44. Sophiea

    Rite now im cmpring between thz Saga n Viva.Thnx 2 admin i thnk i’ll go for viva bcoz of lower fuel consumption compared 2 Saga.Eventhough Saga has more 2 offer in terms of spec but fuel usage is important also. Congrats to Protn mgt..Well done.

  45. Shan

    Friends ,I thought of buying Proton Saga Auto .Need some honest comments especially those who is or are using it.

  46. nazri

    helooo all
    aku pengguna saga blm dah 3 bulan… komen aku, aku betul2 sayang dan cintakan kereta aku ni…

    FC  report tuk kereta aku 1.3 Manual
    RM 80 = 380KM
    +- 12.8 km untuk 1 liter

    driving style 120kmph – 140 kmph
    70% highway  30% city

    sport rim 15 inci
    pivot raizin + 5 point grounding
    lain2 stended


    p/s : kalau nk lagi save cuba pakai grand livina 1.8 auto… rekod 
    1 liter  50km.. tp bawak 40kmph, xde aircond, gear selalu kat N, naik bukit slow pastu bila turun bukit matikan engine… sekse x?

  47. Atan

    Bagi sesiapa yang ingin beli proton BLM, baik fikir habis-habis. Saya dah pakai 4 bulan (M line full spec Manual). Minyak kuat nak mampus. Pemanduan 70% bandar 30% highway. Kelajuan 80 – 110 km. Minyak km/l ialah. 10.5. Innova aku pun tak kuat macam ni. Bolah dapat 12 km/l. Lebih baik beli Myvi.

  48. Lyna Danish

    Baru beli BLM auto tp tak tau aper2 pasal kete… Cermin sisi saya tak leh adjust (actually takde tmpt nak adjust) Call proton, kata ada. Apa patut saya buat?? G sendiri @ call salesperson?? Agak2 berapa lama nak fix prob ni?? Sila beri tunjuk ajar… TQ

  49. admin Post author

    kuat betul tu atan ….

    Send your car to service centre

  50. Haha

    Got my BLM. FC is cracy for this small car, more expensive than my honda city. Turning also not stable, may be small car. I would think this is good for low income people who can’t afford to buy other car. Think twice before you consider this cheap stuff.

  51. Ernie

    Wow… So many complain from BLM cust.. Shit.. i already booked da car n it,ll ariived next month… Hope i can get a 100% BLM with no prob.. i reli support PROTON.. what for waste so many money to buy expensive car.. i rather use da $$$$ to makan puas puas….

  52. Ernie

    For HAHA.. Hoda City is much more expensive than BLM…. FC is just how u drive ur car…

  53. admin Post author

    if u use stock BLM I think not much problem u will get in term of fuel consumption….but if u add bigger rim for example of course will give side effect on FC

  54. Nonagon

    Ive the same consumption problem with my a months old saga N. Drive around the the can get as high as 24 sen per km. Compared to the manual it says 14.7sen per km (at current price at RM2.45/litre) Can somebody advised me about this? Or you all had the same problems as mine..

  55. Don

    dear ImDavidLee 31K  is for basic car w/o accessories known as N-Line (stands for eNtry Line) No Power windows, seat belt warnings, Alarm. 34K is for B-Line (Basic Line) this one with all accessories above but w/o reverse sensor, Air bag, alloy rims. For full accessories is M-Line (Medium line) full accessories but at 40K + tag..

  56. ayu

    tensen bila baca byk comment.. my saga will be out anytime..itupun kalau salesperson tu tak tipu ler. doa that my car tkde prob.. nk beli keta lain tak mampu.. any advise for new saga user? apa i perlu buat bila dapat keta baru

  57. admin Post author

    ayu, when they deliver that car, u test all things light, power window etc, anything wwent wrong, return to them on the spot…

  58. Tom

    I bought my Saga BLM auto in May 08, Fuel consumption is 8km/litre for city driving and about 12.5 km/liter on highway. Made a few complaints to Proton edar – they checked & said the fuel systems was OK!
    What a letdown!!! Proton boasts about the IAFM system and claims 6.6 lm/liter @ 90km/hr.

  59. ayu

    The proton delivered my car friday nite. While checking out my car, i found that my saga auto – the gear did not function and my car could not moved at all. After inspection, we found that the gear oil(in red) dripped. I never signed anything at all. The sales guy called the tow trunk. The tow trunk came on saturday and sent it to the Kepong Centre. A person at the counter told us that this is not the first case. My question : Can i return the car and request for a new car? Gear box is very important – i dont want to take a risk. I asked the guy to change my car but he kept telling me that – dont worry, once the mechanic fixes it will be ok. Unfortunately, I dont buy it.

  60. admin Post author

    Ayu & Tom,

    Sad to hear about your story. 
    It will be not easy to get new car unless you are type of person who fight hard to get your right. I heard that they are people who get what they want. Try to reach their top man for this purpose. If your voice are heard by the MD for example, of course they will pay more attention.
    You might wonder where I got all this need to mention. But I know whats goin on there.
    BLM uses Nissan gearbox for your info.
  61. Don

    Still puzzling about my Saga Fuel Consumption.. Any advised? Or did u all guys has the same prob? What the Proton said, if any?

  62. shano

    i also in the line for blm auto. so did u get a replacement car or the old car for the gbox prob?

    FYI and FYA actually
    is this true? i dont remember where i got this info
    fuel efficiency for :
    viva 15km/l
    myvi 13.5km/l
    blm 12km/l

    im scared to death if i got a problem car, and this is my first car..

  63. bardPJ

    I not try to telling “shit” bout proton…..its up to all of u but thus is the truth & fact…..beased on “proton’s workers & reseach incl. experience” just wanna share something for good…..

    Proton has never develop…..!

    Design…..still “ciplak” from others existing car…..
    Material…..all the supplier corrupt “Under table money lor”
    The management mostly have their own salalry + side income from “proton”! u’ve got it?

    a lots of my frens work there before they have been retrained for a pass year…..they told me thath

    “from the mechanic to the management…..they also makes a lot of money from proton “Side income”

    The main thing…..proton ask other car manufac. to put their price higher than proton’s price even import’ car much lower than proton price!

    Proton’s price for export’ less & more quality than local market…..why hah? go & see UK spec as easy…..

    Ask urself…..why all this happen?

  64. admin Post author


    i would like to get details on what claims as ciplak design ? Neo, waja, persona, blm is Proton original design.

    Side income, everyone has their side income. Let them with their income, as long its legal.

    Export Market : Proton said they didn’t compromise on quality either for local or export market. The same person, the same machine who produce that car. But the only thing, export market model got many things as standard like ABS, airbag as this is compulsory in that particular market. Price wise, I also not sure, but the price here higher could be due to tax.

  65. walter

    I’m using a volvo 240m 1985.everyday travel fr klang 2 kl . 20%urban 80%highway. got 8.3km/lit. thought of buying a new saga for saving fuel $$. but after running thro the above commence, i better keep my o volvo.

  66. admin Post author

    walter : you make your own choice. to get better fuel go for honda city/vios

  67. Wes

    I just Use my New saga for around 4 months. Cool and smooth at first… But now some kind of sound appear(like : tak..tak..tak) from the front hood(EnGinE). The problem was identify by the EON mechanic as a Manifold problem. “Kecewa” but thanx to EON b’Coz the manifold is still under Warranty.. So i need to wait almost 2 weeks until the spare parts reach there.. Sikit susah lah juga kan..

  68. ashraff

    I’m using saga since may 08. My fc now after 10k service is 350km using 30 liter fuel.but for long distance can go upto 450km with 30 liter. My blm now still the best. No problem at all. I’m using b-line manual.

  69. Hahazhai

    Hi everyone… I’m planning to buy a new Saga … This will be my first car and so I had been thinking for quite a while…. Just to get some opinion from experts around here…
    I just want to know what is the pro and cons of Auto and Manual Transmission. Will the FC for AT and MT very different? I will be using this car to travel a lot and so the FC is at my utmost consideration….

    Also, does it worth to pay a few more thousand to get the M-Line?

    Hope someone could give a piece of advice here…Thanks…

  70. rizal

    My car will celebrate its birthday on March this year. I’ve used BLm almost 1 year. My comments :
    This is for AT, M-Line
    Fuel consumption : RM0.162/km (with average speed 130 km/h)
    Fuel used : PETRONAS Primax 3
    Engine oil used : PETRONAS Synthium 800 (Semi-Synthetic)
    Max speed : 160 km/h

    Memang puas hati dengan apa yang dibayar. Berbaloi.
    Yang penting, servis ikut masa.

  71. Kok hoong.

    I bought a Saga BLM 3 months ago. The fuel consumption is RM0.27 a liter for urban and extraurban. This car is not very fuel economy as advertise in the newspaper. What is the cause of this car in fuel economy.

  72. rizal

    Kok Hoong,

    Fuel consumption is not just depends on the car or it’s engine. There were many factors can affect the fuel consumption. As I said before, my car’s fuel consumption is just around RM 01.6. The highest records is RM 0.18. I always travel in urban and sub urban. Also, long distance travel almost every 2 weeks.
    Some of the factors that can affect your car’s fuel consumption are:

    1. Type of fuel used – every petrol company has their own formula and additive that make a combustion more efficient. The combustion effiency is very important to make sure every drops of fuel in your tank will combusted and convert to the energy that moves your car.

    2. Engine oil – You have to make sure that the engine oil that you are using is compatible to your car. Some of car’s engine need a high quality engine oil (fully synthetic) and some of the car work in the best condition only by using semi-synthetic or mineral based engine oil. For your information, every producer of engine oil will grade the oil according to their viscosity. You have to choose and match with your car’s need. As for me, I’m using PETRONAS Synthium 800 (semi synthetic). Not necessary the expensive engine oil will make your engine more efficient.

    3. Service period- This is one of the factor that most of us disregards. You have to make sure that your car sent for service according to the car’s manual from the manufacturer. In fact, the fuel consumption will increase up to 20% if your car has not been service according to the time fixed.

    4. Driving habit

    5. Many other factors

  73. ayu

    hi shano,
    i dont have a choice but to accept the car. At first they promised to xtend my guarantee. Later, they sent apology letter and never extend any guarantee. Menyampah!!! So far my car is ok. oil consumption is happy. To tell the truth, if i have a choice, wont buy malaysia cars and local car dealers talked too much – empty promise.
    Good luck Shano ok for your car

  74. Atan

    Saya guna Saga BLM M-Line (manual). Beli bulan April 2008. Baru pakai 3 bulan cermin kereta tak boleh turun. Sekarang sudah guna 10 bulan central locking dah bermasalah (hilang bunyi). FC memang kuat lebih kurang 10.5 km/l (Kalau tak silap Utusan Malaysia pun komen lebih kurang macam tu juga masa mereka buat test drive). Saya guna dalam bandar Batu Pahat. Tiada sebarang pengubahsuaian dibuat pada kereta. Guna minyak petronas dan minyak engin semi sintetik. Sekarang dah 3 kali servis FC macam tu juga. Saya pandu cermat. Bukan jenis tekan minyak gila-gila. Tapi suspensionnya saya cukup respect. Airconnya pun cukup baik. Proton masih tak belajar. Siapa nak beli fikir 2 x . Dengar cerita kosnya cuma RM 17k sahaja.

  75. kok hoong

    Rizal My Saga reach only 268 km in one tank full of fuel at RM 54.00 last week. And for you information I have just service my car at 1500km and using Shell semi synthetic which recomanded by EON service dealer. How much does the Petronas semi synthetic oil cost ? Maybe I will change to BHP petroluem to check the mileage again to see any increase in fuel economy. If the BHP petroluem does improve fuel economy then I will stick to this petroluem company. Anyway Rizal thanks for your advised and information.

  76. Wes

    Aku beli Blm bulan 7 last year. Suka dan best rasanya pakai warna Granite Grey.. Lama-kelamahan satu-persatu ku ketahui ttg kereta ini tentang kelebihan mahupun kekurangannya. Stakat ni Intake Manifold dah tukar 1 kali sebab yg dulu dah “hangkang”, makan minyak gila2 300km = dekat 1 tangki abis… So far skrg okeylah.. tp takut jak balik penyakit dia.. Lagipun barang 2 (+/-) mau2 RM1K > (according 2 EON’s staff). Satu lagi penyakit dia tu ade bunyi2 dkt suspension belakang, maybe dia punya pelapik spring kot.. Mcm bunyi besi makan besi sj. Ada kwn bg tau pki pelapik PERDANA tp mungkin terbang jglah 1 @ 2 keping RM100 kan… Mau x mau trpaksalh tutup tlinga dulu lh. Ada satu lg yg bikin heran dgn starter campro ni kan… Bila start, kalau missed sekali pas 2 mcm susah nak start lg kan. Klu bateri low batt alamatnya jln kakilh c kawan atau pun kurang2 trpaksalh buang kredit tuk tlepon kwn ataupun On Tow kn.. Saya suka design BLM, mmm bagi saya best, bila buka Hud depan pun, komponen engine cantik tersusun.. Tapi bila tgk kat celah2 ada satu benda yg menarik perhatian dan pastinya buat hati kurang sedap.. Dua2 belah driveshaft nampak BERKARAT dan mcm setahun 2 lagi dah bleh jual dkt kedai2 besi buruk.. Ksian, dari luar engin fuyooo, tapi kat dalam2 ntalah… Untunglah yang beli BLM second edition, dengar2 driveshaft dah kena cat dan dah ada signal light kat tepi pula 2.. So nampak okeylah sebab karat dah X lg. Mungkin EON bleh tolong cat untuk customer yg p servis kat tempat dia next time kan. Okeylah, untuk kwn2 yg dah beli Blm.. Jgn mnyesal k.. Mungkin ada hikmah dsebalikny.. Bukan nak mengutuk barang sendiri tapi sekurang-kurangnya dapat memahami kekurangan yg ada dan mungkin boleh ditambah next time kn… TQ.

  77. admin Post author

    kok hoong : that high for NA car. My caldina 2.0 turbo rm50 can get 250km

  78. epol

    aku ingat nak bli saga blm tahun 2009 ni buat secand car..bila baca je..tak jadi plak…hentam 1000cc pun jadi lah…janji tak sakit hati dgn masaalah remeh temeh ni timbul kat blm dan harap proton cepat2 la solve benda2 kecik macam ni…nak beli buat ulang alik keja je…pi balik 120km je..
    ..selamat jugak aku..tak sanggup menghadapi masaalah dengan kereta buang masa dan buang duit..untuk repair..dulu pakai wira tahun 2002 1.5GLI baru..peh..cecah 170km/h +++ senag2 je..semua barang standard..mau jaga minyak itam dan gear box je..pedek kata semua jenis minyak la..minyak break, minyak class pum, minyak power steering, wear and tare biasalah harus diganti bila rosak seperti moto kipas radiator, class pump,tayar keta, leaning break, water pump, colling water, cuci bahagian engine,minyak accorn compressor kena taruk baru selepas setahun,timming belt.
    Saya dah belajar banyak perkara bila guna kereta nak rasa penagan produa plak..k

  79. Moon

    cool car..proton are really expanding their wing..i’m considering bout between either new saga blm or a second hand satria gti..any sugesstion..rumours says that blm consume’s less petrol..a tip 4m yourself will be much handy..

  80. akio

    skrg aku tgh uruskan tuk dptkan saga nih…secara terus terang aku tak tau byk pasal aku x kesah sbb klu aku pandai pasal kete…aku da bkk 1 kedai kete…bagi aku, saga BLM nih 1 lg usaha proton untuk berkembang…jadi kite sebagai rakyat malaysia harus menyokong proton walaupun sering bermasalah..jika tiada sokongan rakyat malaysia…perjuangan proton pasti akan terhenti…

  81. Cheng

    kereta saya sudah pun 3 bulan. asyik ulang alik 80% highway dari shah alam ke cheras. Kereta jenis ini agak kuat gila makan minyak.Sebagaimana saya menyatakan 260km/h = MYR 55 untuk 1.3 Auto, penggunaan minyak kereta ini macam kereta Evo7 turbo aku..Saya slow slow tekan minyak terbang ke 4,000rpm untuk Gear 1 dan Gear seterusnya. Bawa balik ke proton service centre checking technician cakap “ini standard punya”. Pening jua..tak apa..satu lagi masalah ialah lepas 2 bulan dah seluruh badan kereta macam macam screw bunyi ada jadi bikin sendiri lah sebab proton technician memang tidak lagi boleh DI HARAPKAN! Pandu ke foreman servis katanya spec BLM ini mengandungi Gen 2 spec. 1.3 engine, 1.6 gearbox. Agak pelik kenapa tak guna 1.3 gearbox telifon proton cakapnya for BLM gearbox 1.3 is not existing… @_@ pening dah!!

  82. labu

    nazri- u pakai keta ni dah tentu lah nak ckp ok je….. tp jgn ler sampai buat perbandingan dengan grand livina 1.8.., epol pun sama, kalau dah semua minyak , radiator, mcm lg tukar baru dah tentu lah ok je kereta tu……..! semua org pun tau…..

  83. labu

    iklan malaysia- kalau guna alat penjimat minyak sekalipun tp cara pemanduan x betul… minyak makan kuat juga beb…. so , baiki cara pemanduan 1st……

  84. Cheng

    sekarang kereta saya sudah servis one tank RM55 can goes for 430km. Using esso or mobil petrol…change single spark plug into fourth header spark plug…good luck to you guys

  85. AMenzZ

    how nice if d new saga blm have a slightly higher torque at lower rpm…it will totally revamp d whole driving performance.
    Will higher HP lower FC?
    Or a higher torque at lower RPM that will lower FC???

  86. Savvy

    I was thinking of changing to a new BLM or Exora…but now no faith in the Campro engine.

    My relative new BLM…uses around 9km/l !!!! WTF. This fuel consumption is like my old KIA Sephia, a car notorious for sucking fuel. What even piss me off is Proton try to cheat people with FC challenge stories and claim 44km/l for manual and 27km/l for auto! What rubbish! No one ever gets even close to that in real world condition!

    I currently have a Myvi 1.3 and a Savvy. Both can reach 14km/l to 15km/l driving around PJ/KL. When i bought my Savvy, i knew the BLM is coming in 6 months time, but now i’m sure glad i didn’t wait for it. Savvy’s little Renault engine is way more fuel efficient than a Campro 1.3!

    No wonder they don’t put the word “Campro” behind BLM and Persona, like GEN-2 and Persona.
    I suppose it’s bad rep precedes itself.

    I was very tempted to get the Exora, but now, i think i won’t buy any car that has CAMPRO inside.

  87. Wes

    Hmm.. Da tukar intake manifold hari 2, tp lpas 3 bulan dah bunyi balik.. Geram btul aku. Nak tukar trpaksa tunggu part lg.. Tunggu part makan masa 2 bulan jugak.. Apelah Citernya… Oh ye, ade tak intake manifold jenis besi untuk BLM engine?

  88. sesape

    :roll: sye bru booking utk blm nie..tak tau ape2 pun psl kete..nie kete 1st..member kate save minyak,tp ble baca u all punye coment,seram sejuk juga la tengkuk..hurm,nk buat camne dh terorder..lagi 2,3 ari dh nk dpt kete nye…huhuhu..lgpun bajet bknnye beso..kalau lah ak kaye mcm korang2 nie..bleh gak rembat nissan ke vios ke honda ke..huhu :-x

  89. gosen211

    I am still hesitating if to buy this M line Full Spec AT.
    My concern is the fuel consumption. My 25 years old Toyota Corona 1600cc quite good. RM 0.16 per km fuel consumption even though 1600cc.

    THis is 1.3 and I hope it would have just RM 0.12/km . Seems the answers given by the previous readers are 50% – 50% about the fuel consumption rate.

  90. rizal

    For those who r not using SAGA, please dont always condemn it. I’ve been used my BLM for 16 months. Frankly speaking, it is worth for money that you’ve invest to buy it. As per my post few months before, my FC in minimum is around RM 0.09 and Maximum is around RM 0.20. I’m not saying that this is the best car for u, but its worth for us that can afford to buy car around 30-40k. Support our Malaysian products. If it is not good, please give a comment and positive suggestion how to improve it. There are many reasons why ur car ‘drink’ fuel rapidly. Not only because the engine. My wife’s VIOS also can be categorized as ‘fuel sucker’. But after we’ve done some investigation, service accordingly, it becomes normal. The point is, how good are you taking care for your car? How was your driving habit? And more..and more…

  91. RAY

    I am a Saga owner for 1 year. My had done 6000 plus km with my saga and the most annoying part is the fuel consumption. Mine is RM0.20/km constantly ( driving in town). I seldom use the air cond unless its freaking hot out there. When my colleague told me that his Myvi can do 400 plus KM for RM60, i was stung. Mine can barely reach 350Km for that amount of fuel. I don’t consider myself to be aggressive driver. I don believer in what you pay is what you get. I used to own a 1990’s Honda Integra for 2 years when i was overseas and it required no maintenance except for oil.I bought it for less than RM20K. I still loved the car but just cant bring it back with me. Anyday, i will still chose my old Honda over the Saga. After 20 years, one brand new car is still not as good as one 1990’s Honda. Way to go. Earning RM40K to pay for Saga is not so easy in Malaysia. Just hope to get better deals for our hard earn money.

  92. poton

    apalah korang ni…bawak macam pelesit memanglah makan minyak gila babi.bawak la mcm biasa, ni tak..tekan pedal minyak sampai ke lantai…BAHALOL betul!. pengalaman aku bawak BLM, dari ipoh turun gopeng, then ke jeneri kedah, lepas tu ke padang besar di perlis…semua lebih kurang 1000K + perjalanan…totak figure minyak baru RM110.00…haaaaaaaa….apa cerita?. keta 4 org dalam dgn boot penuh muatan….JIMAT GILER…. RM10 = 100km. macam mana korang boleh kata BLM cekik minyak?…aku rasa korang yg telan minyak tu..wakakakaka…cuba cek dlm perut korang!


    aku buat test sendiri
    dari lampu minyak alert on isi dan sampai ke lampu minyak tu on balik
    aku cap hanya 289 KM hrmm
    camner tuhh???
    and aku rase la shell v power buat engine aku jerit lebeh kee perasaan je tuh

  94. hidayah

    hi cheng!

    bagaimana u jaga kereta Proton Saga BLM?
    Saga BLM ialah kereta pertama saya dan sebelum ini saya pinjam kereta Honda City ayah saya keluaran tahun 2000. Bila saya pakai Saga BLM, saya kurang berpuas hati. Setiap hari saya pergi dan balik kerja 80% ikut highway dari Bukit Beruntung ke Petaling Jaya dalam 150KM sehari. Saya bayar RM120 untuk seminggu untuk 900KM.
    Enjin kereta saya bunyi bising dan bila nak laju sikit..kereta ni lambat..

  95. intan

    thru my own experienced, RM30 = 300++KM.. sah korang drive tak betol ni… tak pandai maen gear.. tak segan ke pompuan cam aku leh drive jimat minyak… ish3… shame on u guys.. :p

  96. Pecinta BLM

    Kenapa aku suka BLM
    1) Dalam Luas
    2) Bonet luas
    3) Harga Murah
    4) Minyak safe woo jgn xcaye.

  97. wan din

    Aku dah pakai saga ni dah nak msk 2 thn,mcm2 masalah pada kete ni. Dah lah 2 kuat makan minyak klu laju xpe gak dah la 2 power stering pulak berat mcm stering kancil 660. Dah lah handling kete mcm sampan pastu seat pulak mcm span pecah. Ade ke ptt bayor mahel2 dpt kete mcm ni. Sesape yg ade hasrat nak beli kete ni xpyh beli lah mesti korang menyesal punye beli saga ni!!!!!! kepade proton aku nasihatkan xpyh la keluarakn kete stakat nak lepaskan batok di tangge, kasihan la kepade pelangan.

  98. Sammy

    In terms of quality,performance and Fc Honda is ahead of Proton.Honda engines are very good and have proven inF1.Although the Honda Integra is 20 yrs old ,but its technology is way ahead of the new Proton.Honda City uses the I -DSI engine and Toyota uses the DVVT engine ,both are fuel efficient .Proton on the other hand uses the CAMPRO engine which is not fuel efficient and noisy.The engine is not compatible to the AICHI (Japan)gearbox used by Proton.Thus gear ratio will not be correct and FC affected. One has to do a lot of research before making a decision to buy a Proton.The DVVT engine has been jointly developed by Toyota Motors Corp and Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd Japan ,widely used for Toyota ,Daihatsu,and Perodua cars.Furthermore, Proton after sales service is poor.

  99. ally2923

    how u do that??? Rm55 can goes 2 430KM????woowww…i only can go 350km for RM50…

  100. ally2923

    keta saga saya RM50=350Km..its it normal??? lpas 1st rsa mcm kuat skit la myk dia…

  101. brader joe

    aduh…aku xtau la mane 1 btol..
    tp minyk aku rm60 sampai ke 300km..
    kdng2 aku rase cekik darah jgk..
    kalau dapat rm60 sampai 400++ orite gak..camne la…aku drive biasa2 je…

  102. syahroll

    allo wan din. kereta u, jenis apa. klu byk problem g SC la. nmpk sgt kau x paki kete saga BLM.

  103. woi..

    haha.. jgn la bli kete first batch… kan da kne tiow ngan proton… bli ble da 3rd batch… cam skrg… alhamdulillah je…

  104. abd majid

    saga baru beli,tetapi sespension depan ada masallah. dah bawa ke proton edar service centre glanmarie.tapi masallah tetap tak selesai jugak..kat mana lagi nak mengadu..
    kete baru,tapi masallah mcm kete lama.. tkenangkan 9 th nak membayar ansuran….

  105. danny

    sy dah pakai BLM auto ni 2thn,minyak mmg kuat giler…kalo highway maintain 110km/j RM50=260km pakai aircon,kalo town RM50=240km pakai aircon.memang dari mula beli dulu cmni ar myk die,pening2..kete sy ni 1st batch order mase baru launched…

  106. saga newbie

    aku nak beli saga se neh. comment negative sume aku tgok tahun 2008 – 2009 punye. so skang tahun 2010 camne yek? ok ker?

  107. please wake up

    I have been use saga blm M-line AT for 2 months…as a conclusion..i regret to buy this “suck oil monster”….r u going to say 200km/RM50 as fuel saving car??!!!! i try to drive it “carefully” and slow…u know wat…NOT MUCH DIFFERENT!! the most “excellent” mileage was only 270km/RM50….WTF!! A monster is the monster….useless!!

    seeking to sold it soon!!! just my 2 cent..

  108. fauzie

    im going to buy blm soon.. seems – is mor den + about dis car.. hrm.. bingung..

  109. please wake up


    for what i would like to advice u is…go ask around for more information before you make the decision…if not…u will regret like what i does now….

    beside the big fuel consumption, my car got weird metal hitting sound come out from my engine on driver side on the 1st day i took the car….the SC technician told me is because of aircon piping….the technician just use cable-tie to tighten all the piping together….and…the sound still exist during cornering….

    tats really cant acceptable for a brand new car to having this problem

    if u still wanna go for saga blm…wish u good luck then….one of my friend buy the manual saga…only use for few month…his gear transmition which in the car 1 “retak” ke bawah…which cause him cannot change the gear….if u wan to hear more story…i could tell more….too bad…i am extremely regret for buying this car…cause i am afraid all the fraud happen on my friends saga blm will happen on me too….

  110. ben

    that y my suck saga se arond 2month..rm60!250km also cant reach!other old car also at least 300 or 400 km. Fuck to new car especially saga new

  111. please wake up

    tats sad for your case…u bought the SE 1….fortunely I am not “invest” tat much on this suck oil monster….I just buy the M-line AT….lol…..

    When I approach my complaint to the SC….they said….it is NORMAL!!!

    I am investigate that…..the SC people must be adding something into my fuel tank for the 1st time ever fueling….cause…..for the 1st time….I cause drove it 280km/RM50……the RM 50 is my first time fuel up this car which left 2 bar in the indicator…..but….no more this reading afterward!!!!!


  112. ben

    haiz.,but in my mind next car wont buy proton anymore,better more monex buy vios rm60 for 500km..

  113. ben

    se and m-line only different 3k. 3k give him least h knw the car power and fuel of proton best se vision!!

  114. kamal

    aku punya Saga M line Auto kena isi minyak RM50 untuk perjalanan sejauh 320 KM. lebih kurang macam lavina 1.6 yg aku pakai dulu. Aku ingat beli kereta kecik, minyak kecik tapi tak.Terasa beg duit semakin kempis setiap bulan

  115. ally2923

    ha ah wan din,ko pkai keta ke x…???pkai hentam jer…stakat la ni,ok je kete aku..xda apa2 mslah pn..FC aku pn aku asa ok jer..RM 10= 90-100km..aircond 24jam…laju pn 80-100kmh…ape lg nak????????

  116. wolf

    aku punya saga blm auto minyak dia lbh kurang 11 liter utk 100 km.keta lama aku, toyota se enjin supercharger lagi jimat dgn minyak 10 liter utk 100 km.

  117. miss farrahanna

    eh u ols…
    mane 1 betol ni..
    betol ke minyak xok.. aduii2…
    baru aje order saga m-line 1.3 auto.
    sy da la bengap2 sikit bout keta.
    wahaha.. mmg monster ker????

  118. akeem pure tester

    DEAR wakdin / please wake up / ben / danny / brader joe / ally2923 / sammy sammu.. & whatever your name..
    1. do not condemn w/out proof. you still can tune the ECU, throttle sensors (software) and hardware (plug, grounding wires etc)
    2. my own test klang – PD – segamat full tank return trip, 550+km per full tank (refuel $60 or 33L) BLM (M), 2700-3300 rpm (100km/j), trunk road, std car, aircond, 3 adult+boots. amacam??
    kalau AUTO takyah cerita la, HP/torque kecik auto kureng sepadan ngan body weight. retune la. svc ctr kan ramai..

  119. akeem pure tester

    DEAR wakdin / please wake up / ben / danny / brader joe / ally2923 / sammy sammu.. & whatever your name..
    1. do not condemn w/out proof. you still can tune the ECU, throttle sensors (software) and hardware (plug, grounding wires etc)
    2. my own test klang – PD – segamat full tank return trip, 550+km per full tank (refuel $60 or 33L) BLM (M), 2700-3300 rpm (100km/j), trunk road, std car, aircond, 3 adult+boots. amacam??
    kalau AUTO takyah cerita la, HP/torque kecik auto kureng sepadan ngan body weight. retune la. svc ctr kan ramai.. (share info)

  120. ally2923

    akeem pure tester…..

    bila masa aku kondem lak??? baca elok2…pham bhsa mlyu ke x???

  121. please wake up

    dear akeem,

    I am OWNING A SAGA BLM… this point, still considered without proof??!!!

    the FC i meant here is for CITY DRIVE!! dun give me the highway or long distance drive FC…. for sure…the highway drive FC is lower…do u dare to give us your city drive FC??!!! for me…i have put on the VS…still…..the result not really satisfy…with 1 litre= 10km

  122. no name (sabah)

    salam member,

    saya da guna saga blm ni msk 1thn setengah so far tak da masalah cuma hr tu intake manifold jak bunyi bising tp da g EON SC dorang tukar yg bru so skrg da ok da. FC pla RM50 leh pg dlm 350KM so far ok la.

  123. akeem pure tester

    ally2923 / October 5, 2010
    akeem pure tester…..bila masa aku kondem lak??? baca elok2…pham bhsa mlyu ke x???
    ALLY –> sorry salah copy & paste bro.. thanx.
    PLEASE WAKE UP —> ally.. hang boleh pass message tu kat mamat nie.. dia pun x paham bahasa melayu. sy x bagi highway punya FC. city drive i’m using perodua bro, best!! LIKE. others – seek tuner for your comp box. found one at kota kemuning via internet.

  124. joh

    betul ke saga 1km for rm2.2… tangki minyak kete ko bocor ke..xpun ko guna gear 1 je x pernah tukar2…

  125. azman

    ben: ha2..i think u dont know how to calculate..rm2=1km! keta tank ke…?

  126. altis = taxi @thai

    rm2 = 1km? they ported a lamborghini v12 engine into blm? or full throttle at gear 1?
    if rm2 = 10km then still consider logical…

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