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By | February 17, 2008

After almost 1 year participate in the Advertlets programme, finally I reach first RM100 and has requested for cash out on 14/2/08. How long it takes for the RM100 to reach me ? Based on what stated in the website “Payments cycle are at the end of every month. Please note that payments are processed 30-45 days from the end of the month which you cashed out” So meaning, I most probably will receive the payment in april 2008, I hope so.

Being one of the pioneer in the business,many things they need to improve. For example, do you still remember the time where, they forgotten to renew their domain and the fact that the payment is very little which one of the reason many top blogger dropped advertlets.

I personally has dropped advertlets many times in my blog, only recently I decided to put it in until I get my first payment.

Anyway, will update when I get the payment.

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2 thoughts on “Advertlets Cashout

  1. aman

    how about other programs that you joined such as the context link? I wanna try on my blog, but maybe the ads wont show coz my blog are in Malay..haha

  2. admin Post author

    text link also good for web with high paying keyword …my average for such programme is USD100/month.

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