Keputusan Pilihanraya 2008


The above result taken from SPR website this morning. The final result was for 219 seats whereas the final should be 222. I dont know what happen to the rest of the seats.Maybe SPR don’t really care anymore because their favorite didn’t win much as planned….hehe..

I vote for N26 DUN Bangi and for P102 Serdang, until now I am not sure what is the result, will check soon but based on the result that we have for other seats, I know that my candidate has a better chance…oppss vote is secret

The states of Penang, Kedah,Perak and Selangor has now falls to the hand of opposition. I have been waiting for this since 1999 when I was denied to vote due to stupid SPR rules.

Anyway, few of the candidates that got my attention so far :

  • Datin Seri Wan Azizah vs Dato firdaus : Dato Firdaus, elok2 jadi imam besar masjid negara hang gatai nak masuk politik buat apa ?
  • Khairi Jamaludin vs Cikgu Bad in Rembau : NS always a safe place for BN, but Cikgu Bad got big number of votes also. Hope this KJ will not be a ministry
  • Samy Vellu : good bye uncle
  • Nur Izzah vs Shahrizat : She same age with me, pretty and intelligence..congrats
  • The blogger Jeff Oii : Good for you, the power of blog
  • Tuan Guru Nik Aziz : Syukur, tuan menang…
  • Tan Sri Khalid of PKR : We know that you can do it..both seats you won
  • Zainuddin Maidin : ha ha you lost,good for you. you think you control TV you can win, enough is enough

Since now 5 states under the opposition,I am eager to know who will be the MB especially for Selangor and Perak. The rest clear cut, Penang for DAP,Kedah and Kelantan for PAS.
Anyway if want to have good analysis for this election go for channel 501 and 502 ASTRO. Dont you ever go to TV1, TV2 or even TV3. Their report only in favour of BN eventhough BN fails…… try it for the nexy few days.

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