Perodua Nautica vs Toyota Rush vs Toyota Bego vs Daihatsu Terios

By | April 28, 2008


There is no secret, perodua will launch their new model soon expected to be in mid May. A model which has very unique named “Nautica 4wd” is believed to replace the current Perodua Kembara. The Perodua Nautica is an urban compact SUV with 1.5 L engine, automatic transmission & comes with 2 colors of Medallion Grey and Majestic Black. Estimated price is around RM90k.

This model is Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios and will be fully imported from Japan. Perodua could do the rebadge here or from its origin country Japan just like what Proton did for their Gen 2 for China market.

Until now, there is no real photo of this Nautica, but since many says that its just another replica of Terios/Rush you can actually imagine how does this Nautica look like.

Where is the Toyota Bego came into the picture. Actually, on the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), the Daihatsu Terios has been succeeded by the Daihatsu Be-go and Toyota Rush.

What interest me on this model is on the possibility of the turbocharged engine as what you can read @ wikipedia

Malaysian car manufacturer Perodua will be launching a badge engineered version of the short wheelbase Daihatsu Terios in Malaysia in May 2008, with 1.8 liter DVVT turbocharged engine, advanced full-time AWD and all major safety features. The estimated price is around RM90,000,00-95,000,00. The compact SUV will be fully imported from Tokyo, Japan

Whatever it is, the choice is still on your hand whether to go for made in Indonesia “Toyota Rush” or the Perodua Nautica JDM :)

And for me many years ahead, I will stick with my GT-Four caldina.

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9 thoughts on “Perodua Nautica vs Toyota Rush vs Toyota Bego vs Daihatsu Terios

  1. admin Post author

    but the JDM version is only 4 seater unlike rush 7 seater,which one will you choose :)

  2. Aru

    if they cust the price by 10 or 20K (if they can), i’d buy it in a minute ;)

  3. Rush all the way!

    Had the dilemma of buying either Nautica or Rush earlier on.
    Well, i’ve been using my Rush for 3 weeks now. Wonderful experience so far.. easy to manouvre coz it’s a bit smaller than other SUVs or MPVs.

    Mu kids love the spacious seats and i love the fuel effiency although i hv to admit it took me some time to adjust my driving habit as SUV driving is a bit different from normal driving.
    No more tailgating for me.. LOL

  4. Aby112

    Is Nautica still on sale? A P2 salesman told me not available anymore?!
    I really like the shape, much beta than Rush. I’ll get this or Kia Soul – waiting for the launch to compare.

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