My first visit to Kuching

By | May 10, 2008

Its not really my fist visit,I was there 6 years ago on business trip actually. Too long to remember. The trip was planned last minute by my sister last month as part of our family effort to get together within our family members.

If previously, we only spent our holiday in semenajung, this time we tried Sarawak as you know now everyone can fly. We choose Sarawak because we believe that Sarawak has many things to offer, from the culture till the food and also the people.

There are 19 family members all together from 4 sibling + their children + our parents. How much we spend ? Simple, out of my 4 siblings only 3 so called “afford” to pay for all this expenses. So we have RM9000 (3 x 3,000) which we spent RM4300 for air ticket, the rest are for tourist guide (RM1,500), food, car park at LCC for 3 days (RM90), admission fee to the places of interest etc. This money kept by my sister to manage. we just enjoy don’t have to think muck when it comes to money matters. We believe on sharing concept, not all people can afford to spend money like this, so we sponsored one of our sibling family and of course our father/mother. Not sure, other family dare to this or no.

Of course, thank you Rizal & Alex Matahari Tours who have make our journey more exciting from day one. Your guide, assistance was so great. Unlike other trips before, this time really meaningful as we managed to visit some of the places of interest like, kampung budaya, shopping places and also Pekan Serikin (similar to what we have, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Rantau Panjang in Semenajung).

On thing that I noticed in Sarawak is Sunset is very early by 9pm most of the shoplots are closed. Not much activity @ nite ! The Cultural Village has everything, its just like Mini Malaysia, but knowing Sarawak, I trust this place is very much better especially people from Semenanjung.

I think everyone of us very happy with this trip, some of them experience their first time flying, and of course the people, the food always one of the best in Malaysia.

2 thoughts on “My first visit to Kuching

  1. WanNo

    happy family gathering… syoknye… :)
    pasni gi lah sabah plak… lagi syok…
    dari dasar laut hingga puncak gunung sumer cantik…

  2. admin Post author

    sabah may be later,pernah pergi sekali

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