Proton Persona SE

By | August 26, 2008

proton-persona-se1.jpgProton has launched their Proton Persona SE today. Tagged at RM59,800, this special edition available in 2 colours, blue haze and brilliant red and comes with a nice bodykit. The interior look so much different compared to earlier model. You will get leather seat upholstery and trimmings including the steering wheel and shifter, a GPS route guidance system which is a stand-alone unit that is mounted on a holder on the windscreen. Map updates, when available, will be free for owners.

Proton Persona SE is powered by 1.6 Campro IAFM engine, 82 kW/111.5 bhp and 148 Nm.  Persona SE is 5 kgs heavier than the Persona High Line

The Peninsular Malaysia price is RM59,800 inclusive of insurance and the extended warranty package which provides coverage up to 5 years or 175,000 kms (whichever comes first).



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11 thoughts on “Proton Persona SE

  1. Paul

    New owner of a Persona SE since Oct 12th. So far no problem and only full of praise for our local car.  Real value for our hard earned money. As far as fuel consumption is concerned, managed 7.8L/100km – not bad when compared to my other old cars being a 1.6cc
    The power leaves me speechless when stepped on the pedal. Incredible power band.

  2. Johnny Ooi

    This persona SE is quite beautiful and look like a cool car. The style of persona SE is better than original persona !

  3. max

    had persona se for a month and im loving it …. had honda jazz before and although jazz looks better, persona is half the price of jazz and value for money …. loving each moment of it

  4. slicklyslick

    interior looks very nice and sporty.

  5. 3278

    a real nice car,exspecially se blue haze,look very cool

  6. tsh

    just had persona se 1 month ago,so far so good,engine is powerfull,air-con is very cool,leather seat so nice,meter lamp so cool

  7. gerard

    hai guys,the new persona car looks great.but as i was looking at this new persona elegance the other day in showroom,i find that the auto gear does not even have a simply safety feature.the simply gear could be moved so easy WITHOUT the my foot on the break.this will be so dangerous with small kids in car alone while the engine is turn please be smart when buying a car…..


    hai guys the new person looks great.but the other day while i was looking at the new person elegance in a showroom,i personal find that the car did not even have a simply safety feature as its auto gear could be moved so easy WITHOUT steping on the break.this will be so dangerous if there are small kids in the car alone and having the engine turn please be smart when buying a car.SAFETY vrs MONEY…….

  9. mitchy looking at a showroom car that you dont even test drive makes you know everything about the car safety feature ? you must be some kind of car physc…i dun think so. my persona elegance auto leveler can’t be changed from D to R just like that during driving. you must press the gear leveler button then you can push the thing to R & P.

    it is not Safety vs Money.. its about Idiot vs another idiot assumption..

  10. lydia

    what is the difference between persona SE and persona elegance?

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