Few compelling reasons to own Bank Islam Credit Card

By | February 10, 2009

I received my Bank Islam credit card today not one but two MasterCard & Visa with max limit RM15k. I applied this 2 months ago only now approved. I don’t know why it takes almost 2 months to process but I can share with you that to get this card you have to have akad. Both parties must agreed on the conditions and agreement need to be signed. I can’t actually explain more details about this Islamic concept but this is fully shariah compliance and not just an Islamic product that other bank offers.

Few compelling reason why you should have Bank Islam’s credit card :

  • No Annual Card Fee For Life, so if u didn’t use it, no worries.
  • No compounding profit charges, this is the beauty of Islamic banking
  • 20-day profit charges fee period, this is normal.
  • Free Takaful Insurance on Outstanding Balance, which bank can offer free takaful ?
  • Low late payment compensation handling fee (Ta’Widh) of a minimum oRM10, max RM50,
  • Low cash withdrawal fee only RM12 per RM1k, wow…so low
  • Low balance transfer rate of 0.9% per month for 24 months, I will transfer my AMBank balance here.
  • Full shariah compliance – peace of mind.

What next, I will withdraw my first few thousand + apply for balance transfer from Ambank.

Get your card now.

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3 thoughts on “Few compelling reasons to own Bank Islam Credit Card

  1. RAJAwang.net

    This is the best deal you can get… seems i will swith my previous 3 Maybank Card (Amex, Master & Visa) to Bank Islam’s.. thanks for the info…

  2. encik mohd

    this is bullshit.. i got my CC bank islam. for 2 years already.. and annually they put on service tax principal for each card.. so i was charged RM50 from Mastercard and Visa respectively… what da..

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