Hot Video having sex at X-Ray Room

By | February 19, 2009


I don’t know what to say , wearing a tudung but still do stupid thing like this in public area. The much-talked about video showing a couple having sex in an X-ray room in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. This come second after Elizabeth wong semi-naked photo in term of popularity

This video clip was recorded by the couple “as a rememberance of their passionate moments together”. It also published a picture of them making love.

The man, believed to be a hospital employee, had sneaked his tudung-clad girlfriend into the X-ray room recently for the amorous tryst.

Their “performance” is now circulating not only in the Internet but from handphone to handphone.

According to Kosmo!, the six-minute clip shows, among other things, the woman stripping her sarong before her lover, clad in a pink shirt and black pants, performs sexual acts with her.

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13 thoughts on “Hot Video having sex at X-Ray Room

  1. Joe

    A closed room is not a public area. Having sex is not stupid, unless you record it and not know how to keep it safe. And a wearing the tudung does not forbid you from having sex. The guy is a dispatch, and his (2nd) wife works on shifts. When else can they find time to get some action?

  2. admin Post author

    but still in the wrong place….you shouldn’t do that in your workplace…but i heard that gurl is his second wife…

  3. SexLover

    Why all xxxx have sex like animal? Don’t they have Moral? Don’t they have brain. So many xxxx young ppl movie pics having sex on net, under the brige, on tree, in parking lots, changing room, in toilet, park! they are everyway! Didn’t they know it was not ok?

  4. bala

    its normal for a couple to have sexs when they need it but it should not be recorded , whats wrong to have sexs with tudong, all are human.. there are hundreds of such acts going on only when you are caught then its known to everyone .. how about others .. in fact its more interesting to have sexs in such forbidden areas ,, no one knew about our former health minister until they filmed him ,, if our health minister can do it why not its staff

  5. nameless

    this is malay maried women lah.
    i also know a malay women “nana” about 28 yrs old having
    sex in toilet at her working place. the gay is a chinese old man about 40 yrs old. so cheap of this women. After I discover that women didn’t feel any shameless and still working now at that factory. The factory is at Pontian Api-api. I think maybe this women is lack of sex with his husband and seeking outside sexual with his college at working place. This women is a malay islam, her attitude is lost all of our islam face,

  6. labu

    the right thing is having sex is not stupid….. but the mistake is “record” it….

  7. Me my and also me

    In my opinion, it nice they have sex and also entertain the others of their stunds. People, We are human. As a human being , apart of food, drink , we also need some sex. Why human do, sex? for Fun? This is how, the male and the female sharing their hapiness.THat is not wrong. But, dun simply perform in public. Do it in your home or hotel as you like it to be. Because, if you did that in public place, that may interrupt or simulate youth or children also to follow you.

    Have a nice sex life and enjoy your life without betray your loved one.

  8. nameless

    This is what we called ‘BETINA’. Eventhough ur husband this shouldnt been happened at ur work place…i dont think they r husband n wife…this must be ‘coupled terlarang’ bayangkan si isteri tertengok video tu aduh boleh meroyan tau..silap silap bunuh diri!

  9. mat bond

    apa yg dia orang buat tak salah dia org laki bini tapi salah kerana di tempat kerja dan kenapa plk rakam itu yg menjadi tanda soal or nak dapat kan tempuan awan nak glamour kata. apa2 pun berfikir lah dgn bijak, dalam dunia ni semua perlu sex,kalau tak ada sex …………………. zuriat mai kot mana

  10. nameless

    that is the meaning of menggatal tak terhingga until every place also want to fucking and to be fucked like those animals at jungle.. hello mat bond kalau tak ada sex of course not child but whether its matter you want to fuck and sucked by your wife in the middle of the road during traffic jam in front of thousand people.stupid & no culture buffaloes race.

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