Hot Video having sex at X-Ray Room


I don’t know what to say , wearing a tudung but still do stupid thing like this in public area. The much-talked about video showing a couple having sex in an X-ray room in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. This come second after Elizabeth wong semi-naked photo in term of popularity

This video clip was recorded by the couple “as a rememberance of their passionate moments together”. It also published a picture of them making love.

The man, believed to be a hospital employee, had sneaked his tudung-clad girlfriend into the X-ray room recently for the amorous tryst.

Their “performance” is now circulating not only in the Internet but from handphone to handphone.

According to Kosmo!, the six-minute clip shows, among other things, the woman stripping her sarong before her lover, clad in a pink shirt and black pants, performs sexual acts with her.

Via :  TheStar Photoselebriti

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