Proton Exora, the new Proton MPV


Finally, it comes to the end the long awaiting Proton MPV will be called Proton Exora. The Exora is based on the name of the Ixora flower, with the tagline “Keriangan Keluarga”.

“Exora” was the winning entry in Proton’s nationwide MPV naming contest which began in September last year. The month long contest attracted 251,763 entries. The name was given by Norsholihan Bt Abdul Eanich of which she will get 1 unit of the  Proton Exora when it is launched this April.

Proton Exora MPV will be tagged under RM80,000 and available in 5 colours Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black, Blue Haze, Pyrite Brown and Gaia Blue.

If you interested with this Exora, you can place your booking from 21 Feb 2009 onwards. Be the first to drive Proton MPV.

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