Buy apple iPhone 3G through Maxis

By | March 11, 2009

You don’t have to buy underwater Apple iPhone 3G anymore as you can now get it from Maxis Communications through  their  service plan.

Maxis offers several service plans with tenures ranging from six to 24 months with various price schemes.

According to the Maxis website, customers who sign up for a 12-month i-Value 1 subscription plan, which requires a RM100 commitment per month, will be able to purchase the 8GB iPhone for RM1,900 and the 16GB model for RM2,290.

A customer who commits to a 24-month i-Value 1 plan will have to pay RM1,510 for the 8GB version and RM1,890 for the 16GB model.

Customers who book their unit by March 17 will be invited to the official launch of the iPhone, which will be held at the KL Convention Centre from March 20 to 22.

Visit for details.

2 thoughts on “Buy apple iPhone 3G through Maxis

  1. gunawan

    i am very interesting with iphone 3g but i live in indonesia can you help me ,how ican buy this iphone thank you

  2. Michael

    we are selling iPad 2, 32GB, Wifi + 3G. Only RM 2,600. Call us at +6016 9556280 to buy.
    Thank you

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