Youtube – Anti ISA protest video clips

By | August 1, 2009

More than 15,000 participated in 1 August Anti-ISA protest at various places in KL. It was reported that water cannons, tear gas fired again at 15,000 people near Sogo shopping complex in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Eventhough the Pro-ISA also has their very own illegal gathering in KL, but so far not much incidents between them and police are reported.

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3 thoughts on “Youtube – Anti ISA protest video clips

  1. wmf

    aku juga pejuang! Aku mendidik anak2 bangsa ku..Kau? pejuangkah kau dgn menghuru-harakan negara. Pejuangkah kau jika menidakkan kebebasan orang lain? Kau orang ingat seronok? kau tak tahu erti keamanan! BODOH!

  2. WTF

    Not use to demonstrate. This is not Malaysia anymore, this is UMNO country. Cant you all read the statement in news, Selagi UMNO memimpin, ISA tidak akan dihapuskan. This sentence means that UMNO is the law, UMNO is the country and UMNO is greater than “Agong”.

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