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By | December 25, 2009

I received an email from Mudah regarding their premium account. Just like what I have expected so far based on and other classifieds portal success story, sooner or later they will introduce paid system in order to gain profit. So far since the establishment of Mudah, they have evolved from advertisement free portal to Google Adsense and now with premium services.

I think they have good strategy since Mudah is one of the top classified portal in Malaysia and I believe many of the online businessmen are willing to pay for some tokens. But I hope a personal seller like my self and hundreds more will not be forced to pay for Mudah services.

Hello xxx,

We hope you have been enjoying our PRO Niaga services. We have launched two new paid services, Renew and Urgent to help you get more out of

Renew allows you to bump your ad to the top of the list with a new timestamp which will also renew the ad for another 60 days. This will help you get more leads.

Urgent allows you to mark your ad as urgent giving the indication that you want to sell your item as quickly as possible. An urgent stamp will appear next to your ad.

Click here to see the fees for premium services.

You can pay for premium services using Mudah credits. Mudah credits can be bought through your PRO Niaga account using your Maybank online transfer, Cheque or Cash Deposit. Credit Card and other payment options will be available in the near future. Click on Credits on your PRO Niaga menu to buy credits.

We will double your Mudah credits if you buy before 31 Dec 2009.

You can also edit, copy and change the price of your ads.

We are constantly working on new features to help your business, please feel free to write to us about these services as we value your feedback and would like to hear from you.

You can reach us at or call us at 03-20355835.

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