USD24.5 million Blue Diamond

By | July 14, 2011

I just received an email just now on the allegation and proof of the USD24.5 million blue diamond purchased by the Prime Minister wife Datin Rosmah Mansur. The email accompanied with some screenshot claimed as Sistem Maklumat Kastam (JKED) showing the details of the blue diamond ring purchased by Datin Rosmah from the New York based jeweller Jacob & Co while the agent AirOceanic Express Sdn Bhd.  Screenshots of the alleged customs computer displays also revealed that the ring did not have import duties imposed on it.

Today, another blogger called “Semut and Papan Kekunci” published photographs of Rosmah wearing bangles that were strikingly similar to Jacob & Co’s “Zebra Safari Collection”.

If this is real, I think the ring itself could be the most expensive ever in Malaysia. If you googling on this topic, plenty of websites reported on this as well.

The email quoted the following :

Proof of the RM 24.5 million Blue Diamond purchased by Datin Rosmah Mansur

How could a wife of a PM who only earns an allowance from the Malaysian Government afford a RM 24.5 mil piece of jewellery ? PM’s wife spends RM 24.5 mil on this while the Gov continues to burden the rakyat with electricity and Astro rate increases!


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