Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera

By | August 10, 2011

What is Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB)?

AHB is a Shariah-compliant unit trust fund that invests primarily in the beneficial ownership of commercial properties in prime locations in Malaysia. it has an initial fund size of 1 billion units available to be subscribed by Bumiputera investors at a price of RM1.00 a unit at all Maybank branches.

The Fund is presently backed by five prime commercial properties that are already tenanted and are enjoying a steady stream of rental income.

It is established to provide opportunity to Bumiputera investors to participate in owning prime commercial properties through the holding of Units in AHB as Units Holders.

What is the investment objective of AHB?

The investment objective of AHB is to provide Units Holders with regular and consistent income stream whilst preserving the Units Holders’ investment capital.

Who are eligible to invest in AHB?

The following persons are eligible to invest in AHB:

  • Bumiputera individuals aged 3 months to 18 years old (Akaun Kanak-kanak/Remaja) and
  • Bumiputera individuals aged above 18 years old (Akaun Dewasa)

What are the advantages of investing in AHB?

  • The investment is backed by commercial properties in prime locations in Malaysia.
  • AHB is an investment scheme that has been certified as Shariah compliant
  • Fund is managed by profesional and experience Managers
  • Affordable as it only requires small initial investment
  • Your rights and interest are closely monitored by AmanahRaya Trustee Berhad, as the Trustee for the Fund
  • Long term investment with potentially competitive returns with minimal yiels fluctuation
  • Entensive Maybank;s branch network around Malaysia


What should I do id I am interested to invest in AHB units?

You are advised to read and understand the contents of the Porspectus od the Fund, which haven been registered with the Securities Commision, bedore investing in the Fund.

Copies of the Prospectus and application forms are available at any of Maybank’s branches in Malaysia.

What should I do if I want to purchase AHB Units?

You can purchase AHB Units at any Maybank branches throughout Malaysia on any business days during office hours.

How much is the unit price of AHB?

The price of a Unit is fixed at RM1.00

What are the minimum, maximum and additional investment allowed?

The initial investment is RM500. Subsequent purchases can be made as little as RM100.
Maximum investment is RM200,000 per eligible Bumiputera individual.

What is the minimum amount for redemption?

The minimum redemption amount is RM500. You can redeem your units by filling in “Borang Jualan Balik” at the counter.

(Please take note that the remaining balance in your account must at least RM500, otherwise you will be required to redeem all of your balance and your account will be closed.)

How frequent can I redeem my units?

Redemption can only be done once in a every calendar month.

How do I pay to invest in AHB?

Either by cash or bankers cheques.

Will I get a passbook or certificate on my investment upon acceptance of investment in AHB units?

Your investment is evidenced by a validated copy of the “Borang Pendaftaran” at the point of making your purchase of AHB units at Maybank. Your personal data will be captured and mainted via “Maybank Automated Retails Systems”.

A statement shall be issued every six-month showing balance of your investment in AHB. In addition, you may also request for your statement to be printed out at any Maybank branches by producing your Identity Card.

How frequent is the income distribution?

Income distribution (if any) will be made on semi annual basis.

How much is the likely return for this investment?

The return is competive and is expected to be better than a return of 12-month General Investment Account-i of Maybank Islamic Bank Berhad.

Can the distribution be reinvested?

Generally, income distribution will be paid in cash (i.e. by direct crediting into your bank account). Unit holders may re-invest subject to the availability of units.

Are there any sales or repurchase fees or change imposed?

There will be no fees or charges imposed. You can buy and sell the unit at exaclty RM1.00 per Unit.

Is there any maturity perios for the Fund?

There is no maturity period for the Fund. The Fund’s tenure is indefinite, subject to the terms od the Deed.

Can I transfer the Units to my next kin/others?

Transfer of Units is not permitted, save for the following:

  1. transfer to and from the Sponsor; and
  2. transfer to the Trustee, administrator or executer of the estate of a deceased Unit Holder who is entitled to be registered as a Unit Holder.

For details on how to invest in Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera, please visit Maybank.

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