What to Expect in Budget 2012

By | October 5, 2011

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The strongMalaysia Budget 2012 /strongwill be presented this coming Friday. As usual, many are talking that the Budget 2012 is the election budget and the strongBudget 2012/strong is set to strengthen the domestic economy and help lessen the burden of rising costs of living !

What to expect in strongBudget 2012/strong ?

Based on the media report one of the big thing that will be announced is on the new pay scheme for the country’s 1.3 million civil servants that will see salaries jump by up to 40 per cent next year. Besides that, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is expected to announce a return to a single-tier system when tabling Budget 2012 after more than 15 years of grumbling from public sector employees who say the current triple-tier system is unfair.

The increase could be up to RM700, and in terms of percentage this will be up to 40 per cent for some grades.

Some sources said that the prime minister was considering a hefty strongbonus/strong or pay increase for the civil service in a “break-the-bank” budget to counter rising costs and keep their support ahead of a general election expected within a year.

strongReal property gains tax (RPGT)/strong would probably increase after Budget 2012 by another 5%. The current RPGT, imposed after Budget 2010, is 5% for all properties sold within the first five years of purchase.

strongTax on Hybrid Car /strong? Will the Government extend the same waiver of import tax for hybrid car below 2.0cc.

Lets wait for Friday for details….

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3 thoughts on “What to Expect in Budget 2012

  1. Nesasundaram K.Rajoo

    Increase the allowance for college going childrens for RM 20,000.00 per year
    Reason 01- average admit ion and transport and hostle, food, clothing, health and books for total one year expected RM 50,000.00 this is for the next generation people who is going to develop this country…

    Reason 02- Reduce the fuel subsidy by another ten percent to the start…. Because of the oil reserve is declining my this 15 percent per yea

    Reason 03- encourage vehicles to run on gas as the reserve for gas is estimated to another 100 years.

    Reason 04- schools to have only one session just the morning session at 8 am to 3 pm and 3-5 games and activities everyday to improve future children’s health and motivate students to go to school

    Reason 05- to revamp the education subjects to streamline to students interest…to encourage to enjoy school studies that is including vocational and artistic subjects which includes gymnastic, dance and Singging

  2. Udhaiyah Rekha Nesasundaram K.Rajoo

    01- we look at limiting the school studies for five main subjects..as what they learn is only learned 5 percent…why expose students to such an extensive lessons which is not required

    02- focus more on presentation and research in school…

    03- please look at the fast food companies that has health effects to younger generations which will cause the government a higher expenses in medication for population

    04- town council should not impose any parking tickets as people are already paying fees for town councils…

    05- need to encourage security personal such as police, rela, arm forces to expose themselves more often to public to create the sense of security and to reduce crime…

    06- to control or reduce Astro fee or introduce a new company such as Similer service provider to create a friendly competition…

    07-reduce the Internet fair…as it is really important for many purposes…specially for students in the near future….

  3. Udhaiyah Shandrika Nesasundaram K.Rajoo

    01- should reduce the interest charges through Vica from 24 percent per year to one Percent
    02- the mortgage reducing loan for house loan or car loan should be spread out for number of years loan on the interest to not allow banks to make money out of people loan interest….

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