Hana Tajima Hijab (Tudung) Collection

By | December 13, 2011

Who is Hana Tajima ? Hana Tajima really phenomenon in Malaysia.  Hana Tajima tudung style now days become a huge and dominant trend in Malaysia.  We try to find Hana Tajima simpson on wikipedia, but couldn't find any. However, the excerpt from HanaTajima from one of her website :

My papa is Japanese, my mother is English, and I’m somewhere in between. A couple of years ago my label maysaa.com was launched, which is a slightly strange thing because it’s something I’ve always been doing (since I was old enough to cut up bedsheets and dresses- though a little before I knew I wasn’t supposed to). Anyhow maysaa.com was born and is beautiful and impossibly hard work in equal measure, but I couldn’t be doing anything else.

The designer, Hana Tajima-Simpson, has put forth real world high fashion at reasonable prices, and the best part is they are well-suited for every woman out there.

If you are looking for a long dress, skirt or even pants that are elegant and in-style, you have got to check out Hana Tajima's website or blog at www.hanatajimasimpson.com. For Hana Tajima facebook fans you can get connected with her at Hana Tajima facebook.

If you are looking for cara-cara memakai selendang Hana Tajima, you can easily find some video at Youtube. Hana Tajima's wallpaper can be downloaded at backgroundpictures.net

Fesyen Tudung Hana Tajima

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