Jadual Waktu Solat

By | December 6, 2011

Looking for waktu solat ? If 10 years ago when the internet excess is very limited, I believed many are depending on the news paper or maybe calendar which provide some info on waktu solat.

But in this technology era, we can have all info on waktu solat with one click online. Many websites are giving such info free online. Lets see which websites that providing free "jadual waktu solat online :

  1. Jadual Waktu Solat JAKIM : JAKIM provide the best option for us to view waktu solat.You can find waktu solat for all location in malaysia can be viewed by day, week, month or a year.
  2. Utusan Malaysia : Waktu Solat for Malaysia
  3. WaktuSolat.Net : This is personal website, the info waktu solat in this website are accurate just like the one from JAKIM.
  4. For Brunei : This website provide waktu solat for Brunei.
  5. World Wide Prayer Times : For the rest of the world like US, UK and Japan, you can refer to this website.
  6. Qibla.org : Muslim prayer times.
  7. Japan Prayer Times : This solat timetable is for Japan.
  8. Prayer Times for UK : This is salah times for UK.
  9. Prayertimes.info : for the rest of the world.

If you have any other info on websites providing waktu solat, please share in the comments. Thank you.

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