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By | March 11, 2012

Prius C with Modellista Kits

Consumer in Malaysia should be grateful as many new car model out there are officially distributed in Malaysia. The latest model that was launched recently by UMW Toyota is the Toyota Prius C. For record it was launched in Japan in December 2011.

The Toyota Prius c (“c” stands for city), named Toyota Aqua in Japan, is a full hybrid gasoline-electric subcompact hatchback produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. The Prius c is the third variant of the Prius family, and combines the features of a Yaris-sized car with a hybrid powertrain.

Just like Prius, CT200h UMW took the opportunity from the tax exemption for all hybrid car with cc 2.0 and lower to penetrate Malaysian market with this subcompact.

With this incentive, UMW are able to sell the Prius C at RM97,000 (including insurance) and give direct competition with the Honda Insight which sell at higher price. With a 1.5l engine and Toyota Hybrid System, the car are capable to deliver strong 101 PS when combined with electrical motor.

Based on the fuel efficiency, Prius c is the best so far in Malaysia, with a record of 40km/l. But one thing that you must bear in mind, the figure given is based on the testing done by the authority in Japan ( JC08 Japanese test cycles) and we never know what kind of driving style they used and what kind of speed, road condition during the testing. I personally thing that 27km/l is possible with Prius C :)

Who should buy Toyota Prius C ?

  • Whoever want high mileage for every RM spent.
  • Hate high tax on malaysian car
  • Maximise money saving through tax exemption, save fuel etc
  • For second car
  • Looking for compact car
  • Whoever want full hybrid and not parallel hybrid (those in Insight, CRZ)

There are five colours available – pearl white, silver, black, citrus orange and red.  You can book now at any Toyota dealers and the waiting list currently three months. For details visit

You can read more about Toyota Prius C at JDM Blog.

If you are looking for better look, try TRD bodykit or Modellista Kit for Prius C. You can oder them from Wing Hin.

Prius C - Modellista Bodykiy


Prius C - Modellista Bodykit


Prius C - Modellista Bodykit

Prius C - TRD Bodykit


Prius C - TRD Bodykit

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