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By | August 6, 2012

Our National Hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has few nice car collection in his possession.  Besides badminton, Datuk Lee has strong passion on speed. In an interview sometime ago, Datuk Lee has quoted

“I’m quite passionate about cars and like to get the latest accessories for it.“I get a big kick out of taking my car out for a spin and I confess I have received a couple of summons for speeding – which is not a good thing to talk about,

If you look at his achievement in many badminton tournaments for the past few years, there is not impossible to own all this.

Based on badzine.net, the top earners in the Badminton Games in 2011 is Lee Chong Wei with an income estimated USD267,350. Datuk Lee Chong Wei income/earning doesn’t include on image royalty etc.

Players’ Earnings Ranking – 2011

Top 5 Highest Earning Players:
1. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia/MS) US$267,350
2. Wang Yihan (China/WS) US$265,575
3. Zhao Yunlei (China/WD/XD) US$235,128
4. Lin Dan (China/MS) US$219,500
5. Yu Yang (China/WD/XD) US$194,381

This Nissan GT-R Tuned by M7  (which he rumoured to have sold off to get the Ferrari)

Lee Chong Wei Nissan GTR Tuned by M7

His new car white Ferrari F430 is cost more than RM1.6million. Datuk Lee Chong Wei Ferrari F430 also come with special number BLG1 which is cost RM69,100.

Lee Chong Wei Ferrari F430

Lee Chong Wei BLG1 Ferrari F430

Other car that he own is   BMW X6 Coupe and of course, a black Proton Inspira 2.0 — a gift from the car manufacturer to honour his accomplishments.

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