Directions to Legoland Malaysia

By | September 16, 2012

Directions to Legoland Malaysia

Directions to Legoland Malaysia

More than 20,000 visitors thronged the Legoland Theme Park Malaysia when it opened for the first time yesterday. Many of them waited for hours before the ticket counters were opened at 10am yesterday.

If you wish to visit Legoland, we share directions to Johor Legoland Malaysia

Directions to Johor Legoland Malaysia

Location map of Johor Legoland Malaysia and how to go there:

Legoland Malaysia Map

Legoland Malaysia is sited in Iskandar Malaysia and is scheduled to open on 15th September 2012. Being situated next to Kota Iskandar, the new administrative center of the Johor Government.

There are three routes you can take, namely:-

From the north via the Kuala Lumpur/Tuas link

From the North-South Highway, take the direction exit 253 to Tuas/Nusajaya/Pontian/Tanjung Pelepas(this exit follows after the Kulaijaya/Kota Tinggi exit). Proceeding further, you will enter the Lima Kedai Toll (you must pay using electronic card) and proceed until you meet the Pulai Interchange. Proceed straight until you see the exit (312) to Gelang Patah and take the exit showing the way to Kota Iskandar. You should see the signboard to Johor Legoland before reaching Kota Iskandar.

 From JB via Coastal Highway

From Johor Bahru via the Coastal Highway. If you start from Johor Bahru town, take the new Coastal Highway to Nusajaya/Kota Iskandar from Taman Perling side. Proceed straight after the Toll House and take the exit showing Kota Iskandar. You will reach Johor Legoland before reaching Kota Iskandar.

 Tuas Second Link

From Singapore via the Tuas second link. Proceed until you see the Gelang Patah interchange and take exit 213 which will lead you to Legoland and Kota Iskandar.

Legoland Malaysia GPS Co-ordinates:

In case you get nowhere, here is the GPS coordinates for Legoland

GPS Co-ordinates: 1º 26’ 14″ N 103º 37’ 2″ E

You are reminded that due to your GPS Maps being not updated to the newest version, you will not be able to search for Legoland on your GPS devices. Even the road names have not been given but do come back later to this page for the latest updates.

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