Proton Preve Fuel Consumption

Proton Preve Fuel Consumption

Proton Preve Fuel Consumption

Proton Preve Fuel ConsumptionProton Preve fuel consumption is one of the much talked topic on the new Proton Prevé in various forums and blogs. Many users are upset where they can’t get the FC as per the Preve brochure.

If we look back at Prevé history, it was launched few months ago and currently more than 1000 units has been delivered to the customer. The name Prevé came from English word which means proof or to prove.  The new car’s name has been given a tweak in its pronunciation, which is “prae-veh”.  This is the first Proton model which was made with global markets in mind.

Proton Prevé Powertrain

There are 2 type of variants available for Proton Prevé as follows :

Proton Prevé Spec

Executive (M)
Executive (CVT) Premium
1.6 CamPro IAFM+ 1.6 CamPro IAFM+ 1.6 CamPro CFE
5 speed Manual 6 speed CVT 7-speed ProTonic
Fuel Consumption*
6.2l/100km 5.8l/100km 6.6l/100km
RM59,540 RM62,540 RM72,540

The fuel consumption for Prevé  is based on 90kmh driving pattern.

Proton Prevé Club

For all Prevé owner you join the online community at In this club you can get many info about the car, problems and also fuel consumption.

Proton Preve Fuel Consumption

Based on our reading at the fuel consumption figure as given by Proton is almost impossible for you to get as in average many of the owner will only get 10l/100km especially for the turbo charged unit (premium unit).

But after 5,000km service the owner reported that the fuel consumption will improve and 7l/100km look realistic. If you read carefully the brochure, Proton indicates that the 5.8l/100km is achievable via at 90kmh. Similar to Toyota Prius, in their brochure they declared 38km/l but the real fact you can get only 21-25km/l depend on your driving style.

Anyway, for sharing purposes if you own a Proton Prevé, please share your fuel consumption in this post. Thank you.

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