Consumer Claims Tribunal – Faulty Digital Camera

By | November 10, 2012

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia

Consumer Claims Tribunal – Faulty Digital Camera

Fotomat Digital was ordered to repair a customer’s camera and ensure the camera is in working condition before delivering it back.  Louis Kimlin who bought the Canon Powershot SX40 HS from Fotomat Digital said the camera failed to function after only a month of use.

He tried to send it to Fotomat Digital but was told that the shop is not responsible for it.

Louis then referred to Canon Marketing at Jesselton Point and managed to get cooperation from the staff there to send his camera to Kuala Lumpur to get it fixed. Upon receiving the camera back about a month later, to his dismay, Louis found that the camera was still not fully repaired and the charger was faulty.

“I negotiated with the staff of Canon Marketing and was told that they could replace the camera but I need to deal with Fotomat Digital because I bought the camera from them. However, when I went back to the shop, they refused to entertain my request,” said Louis.

Fotomat Digital’s representative explained that the shop only provides a maximum of one week warranty on all of their products and refused to take the responsibility for Louis’ camera because it is Canon’s warranty, not theirs.

“He has used the camera for a month. It is no longer our responsibility.

This one year warranty also does not include charger and battery as clearly indicated at the warranty seal,” he said.

Thien however, disagreed with the respondent and said that all business entities have the responsibility of ensuring customers’ satisfaction.

He ordered Fotomat Digital to repair the camera until it is fully functional with all charges be borne by the shop.

“In case Fotomat Digital fails to adhere to this, I would suggest to the claimant to take his case up to the enforcement officials, which means he could make a police report and let the civil court hear this case,” he concluded.

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