Consumer Claims Tribunal – cases

By | November 17, 2012

Consumer Claims Tribunal – cases

Consumer Claims Tribunal - cases

Do you have any bad experience in any transaction via the marketplace ? Despite having many rules in but some how you will find many fake items are on sale in the website. Not to mention, there are also few cases where buyer been conned by the seller.

In the recent case, Consumer Claims Tribunal granted Ahmad Fairuz Yunus a total sum of RM280 for the failed delivery of a PlayStation he bought over from Azrull Azreey Wain and Joseph Stephen Ak Anthony.

Fairuz paid RM200 for the item, which was advertised on through online banking and was told that the item is in Tenom and would be sent to him. However, until now, he still has not received the item.

On justifying the extra RM80, Fairuz said that he needed to take the day off to come to the tribunal hearing costing him a day’s salary plus other cost incurred during the process of filing the case.

The respondents were given 14 days from Thursday to pay up.

Check our earlier post on how to log complaint to Consumer Claims Tribunal or visit Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia website.

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