AES Detector

By | December 2, 2012

AES Detector

Since the implementation of AES, many application developer has produced various type of AES detector in various platform such as for iPhone and Android.

In this post, we share some of the AES detector for your review and use. Most of them are FREE.

1. offers a unique and free service that allows users to share locations of red light cameras, speed cameras, accidents, and other road hazard.

How does it works ? Users submit speed traps, enforcement cameras, and road hazards, that then alert all Trapster users in the area. A high-tech version of flashing your headlights to alert drivers of potential road hazards.

Trapster support Apple, Android, windows, blackberry and the service is FREE.

2. AES Detector for Android by Kevin Chua

AES Detector application is developed to assist drivers to detect the new launching AES Camera. System will auto trigger alert sound to remind you when detected any AES Camera within 1000 meter from your driving point. Make sure you turn on your mobile phone speaker in order to hear the alert sound. [download]

3. AES Mata – Live AES Detector for Malaysian Drivers

AES MATA is the first complete Android app that can help Malaysian driver to steer clear of ‘summons’ from AES Live Alert. Alerts Malaysian drivers of AES Mata (or AES Camera) in the vicinity of their vehicles. (user got to choose the distance alert from 100m to 5km). [download]


4. Malaysia AES Traffic Camera Tracker

This app, AES Tracker are available for iPhone at the Apple App Store, which show you all the AES camera location and when your mobile phone is approaching one of such AES installation, the app will warn you by sounding siren. The app even can work on background after you switch off the app. [download]

5. AES Speed Trap Locator – Malaysia

A smart driver alerts to Automated Enforcement System (AES) camera locations and their speed limit. The. Good thing is that you can set your preferred Alert distance to receive the warning so that you can enjoy your drive instead or stressing yourself of having to look out for the Automated Enforcement System (AES) camera. More of an educational tool for user to comply with traffic laws and not to evade them. [download]


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