PMR 2012 Result summary

By | December 19, 2012

PMR 2012

PMR 2012 Result summary

By now, all PMR 2012 candidates should have received their PMR 2012 result whether at their respective school or via SMS and online.  For those who has scored high we would like to congratulate and for those unlucky one, don’t giveup and try your best for SPM.  In this post, we share some PMR 2012 analysis from the STAR,

Fewer students scored all A’s in this year’s Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination compared to last year.

Of the 440,643 candidates who sat for the examination, 30,474 scored straight A’s, indicating a 0.85% drop from 2011.

Education deputy director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin said the results would be analysed further to explain the drop.

“Whether it is the overall performance or students’ scores in individual subjects, we need to do an in-depth study to explain students’ performance,” he told reporters after announcing the results here on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, fewer candidates failed the examinations this year; only 241 candidates scored all E’s this year compared to 346 candidates in 2011.

Amin said based on Subject Grade Point Average (GPMP), seven subjects, namely, Bahasa Melayu, History, Geography, Integrated Living Skills, Arts Education, Tamil and Punjabi showed improvements in performances while 10 subjects showed a drop.

“Bahasa Melayu showed an improvement of 0.04 percent but the performance of English (0.12 points), Science (0.02 points) and Mathematics (0.01 points) showed a drop in performance.

Nevertheless, he said the overall achievement in 17 subjects was stable with the National Average Grade Index (GPN) maintained at 2.1 points as in 2011.

Likewise, despite the better achievement of urban candidates compared to rural candidates, the gap was narrowed by 0.03 GPN points – from 0.29 points in 2011 to 0.26 in 2012.


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