10 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on AirAsia

By | January 30, 2013

10 Frequently Asked Question on AirAsia

AirAsia Flights

Now Everyone Can Fly ! If you are frequent AirAsia travelers, what are the top 10 frequently asked question by the traveler with regards to AirAsia services ?

  1. I am pregnant. Can I still fly?
  2. Is there a minimum time period before a newborn baby and his/her mother are allowed to travel?
  3. Can I cancel my AirAsia  flight because I am ill or undergoing surgery?
  4. Can I change the name on my AirAsia ticket?
  5. How do I change AirAsia flight dates and time?
  6. My baggage is delayed, what sort of compensation do I get?
  7. What if I arrive without a visa?
  8. How can I register as an AirAsia member?
  9. How do I check airport tax rates?
  10. One or some of the guests cannot make it for the confirmed booking, will the rest be affected during boarding?

You might wonder, what is the answer to all questions listed above. The answer is askairasia, Your one stop information centre for answers. In askairasia you can ask any questions and the system will provide with the answers from airasia database.

If you have anything to ask on AirAsia, visit Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) at www.airasia.com/ask

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