Semporna villagers beat to death Sulu gunmen

By | March 3, 2013

Semporna villagers beat to death Sulu gunmen

Semporna villagers beat to death Sulu intruders

Police have confirmed that a man armed with an M16 rifle who was beatn to death by a group of villagers in Kampung Senallang Lama, Semporna was part of the group of armed intruders from Sulu.

Sabah police commissioner, Datuk Hamza Taib said police investigation found the intruder, in his 60’s, to be from Sulu.

He told a press conference here today, that the man who also had a rocket launcher, had illegally entered Sabah through a coastal route and reached Kampung Senallang Lama at about 5am.

He said the intruder then ordered about 80 villagers to come out and gather at an open area near a surau before they were held hostage.

“However, 20 youths from the village reacted by attacking and apprehending the man before beating him to death and then fled the scene.

“To me, although the action was wrong from the legal point of view, we need to remember that the villagers were hostages. They had reacted to save their lives,” he said.

In Semporna, residents of Kampung Senallang Lama told Bernama that the burly intruder, wearing all black and armed with an M16, had come down from a hill and fired some shots before asking the villagers to gather at an open area.

They said some villagers beat up the man when he squatted and placed his weapons on the ground to light up a cigarette.

Meanwhile, Hamza also said that police with the cooperation of the Malaysian Armed Forces were finalising the details before taking drastic action against the armed intruders who still refused to budge although leaflets had been dropped asking them to surrender.

He said so far, three intruders had been arrested while trying to escape the Kampung Tanduo dragnet since the group’s intrusion 20 days ago.

At the press conference held at Residental Felda Sahabat, about 130km from here, Hamza also reminded the people not to easily believe rumours but to listen to information from official sources.

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