Proton Persona Prices

The much talked about proton family, Proton Persona finally launched today at Proton Head Office, Shah Alam. With a booking more than 2,500 unit, this model for me will give a big success to Proton. With a nice design, coupled with many extras such as Air Bag, ABS, spacious room and good price, more booking are expected in… Read More »

My First Text-Link-Ads Cheque

This is my first cheque received from Text-Link-Ads pogramme, too little and the smallest amount I ever receive from online programme. Its actually for 3 months, every month I sell 1 link worth $10 each and just yesterday the cheque reach me. People only buy link if your site has good PR, my TLA income came from my… Read More »

Simple Machine Forum

There are many free forum script out there, but for me Simple Machine Forum is simply the best. I have it installed in many website and so far the performance, security is as good as other forum. But of course don’t compare it with paid forum like Vbulletin etc. The only limitation for me could be limited number… Read More »

Shopping In Sungei Wang

Last week I bought Levis and  Dockers, Levis of course without any discount but the dockers was on 30% discount. I always love Levis and Dockers and I always prefer to shop during mega sales. Eventhough, I am not a kind of people who always waiting for mega sale, but I do shopping during mega sale.  And for… Read More »

Advertlets.Com – Advertising Network

I just read AdesBlog on his decision to drop Advertlets from his blog. He said established bloggers who were already making enough money from other sources were not so satisfied with the performance of Advertlets. I tend to agreed with his comment as you can see in many Malaysian pro blogger site, many of them choose other advertsing… Read More »

My first Kontera Cheque

It was LCF again who has actually introduced Kontera to me. Kontera ContentLink is a contextual advertisement programme which turn keyword in a publisher website into a link to the most relevant ad from among Kontera´s thousands of advertisers. As a result, ContentLink’s publishers generate incremental revenue while advertisers reach their most targeted audience on a Cost-Per-Click basis.… Read More »

Malaysia Blogger Forum

There are few so called Malaysia Blogger Forum in Malaysia but the most famous I think is I have learn so many things about blogging from this forum especially about wordpress thingy from how to set permalinks to how to earn money from blog. As mentioned in the forum by  founder LCF is a discussion forum… Read More »

Fattest Man in the world

  His weight 560 kilograms, and recorded as world’s fattest man by the Guinness Book of Records. How about fattest Malaysian ? Have you heard any similar record for Malaysian. I’m glad to be in the Guinness Book as the fattest man. I am also happy to have lost 200 kilos,” Manuel Uribe, 41, told AFP. Uribe was… Read More »