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How to fix rejected ad request errors

How to fix rejected ad request errors Do you received “rejected ad request” in your adsense account ? If you google, many publisher around the world received similar alerts in their adsense account. Many of the adsense publisher received this alerts in their adsense dashboard. The errors listed below will result in blank ads being displayed on affected… Read More »

Google Adsense Optimisation Tips

Google has introduced two new optimization guides: the One Click Optimizer and the Optimization Lab for all publisher. These guides have been designed to provide you quick and easy-to-implement optimization tips to help you maximize your site’s revenue and performance. One Click Optimizer Do you own a news site, a classifieds site, a game site, a forum, or… Read More »

Position – Main index below Menu

Before you do the mod, please ensure you have make your own back up. This trick only tested at Babylon Theme only, for other theme please make necessary changes. File to adjust : BoardIndexTemplate.php Find this in the file, function template_main() { global $context, $settings, $options, $txt, $scripturl, $modSettings; // Show some statistics next to the link tree… Read More »

Adsense Ready Theme

Another good adsense ready theme for you to try. This could be the best, clean and simple adsense ready theme.  I like the top link ads, looks like part of the blog menu.  The 3 coloumn theme looks cool and professional too. Thumbs up to the creator “Jason” Too insert adsense code is simple, just open the ads… Read More »

Simple Machine Forum

There are many free forum script out there, but for me Simple Machine Forum is simply the best. I have it installed in many website and so far the performance, security is as good as other forum. But of course don’t compare it with paid forum like Vbulletin etc. The only limitation for me could be limited number… Read More »